Is self care a hobby or is a hobby self care?  Either way, we think you should take good care of yourself. One way many people are taking care of themselves is by spending time in the sauna. 

It may not be news to you that spending time in a sauna has many benefits, but did you know that you could get a sauna in your home for relatively cheap?

We’ll talk about options for in home saunas and all of the benefits of sauna use below!

woman in sauna, eyes closed, with towel wrapped around her body and her head

A Brief History of the Sauna

While the exact origins of the sauna is unknown, many historians attribute some of the first variations and traditions of sauna to Northern Europe in countries such as Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

While people may attribute the invention of the sauna to Finland, Native North American populations had been using a form of sauna in religious ceremonies around the same time.  Native people in what is now Mexico conducted “Tehmazcal” ceremonies thousands of years ago, and many people still carry on the tradition today.

primitive drawing of ancient sauna, "tehmazcal" ceremony in mexico
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The first electric saunas were made in Finland, and subsequently made fashionable in the United States in the mid-20th century. This made saunas more common among western populations and began its rise as a healthy habit for many people. The popularization and mass production of electric saunas made it so they could easily be installed inside spas, gyms and hotels around the world.

For more information on the history and origins of the sauna, check out this medium article here:

What are the different kinds of saunas available today?

Today there are four main types of saunas available to either purchase and have in your home or to use at a hotel, spa, gym or condominium.

The four main types of saunas are:

  • Traditional Sauna – A sauna with wooden walls and heated rocks where user can increase heat and humidity by adding water to the rocks.
  • Dry Sauna – Similar to the traditional sauna, only the user does not add water to rocks for increased steam. Dry sauna offers less humidity than traditional sauna.
  • Infrared Sauna – Infrared Sauna is different from dry and traditional saunas in that it does not use humidity to promote sweating. Infrared sauna is said to heat from the inside, which allows the user to get the benefits of sweating from lower heat.
  • Steam Bath – Rather than wood, a steam bath utilizes tile, glass and a large amount of humidity. This provides the sweating experience while keeping the heat relatively low. Users will often incorporate scented / essential oils into the process.

What are the benefits of regular sauna use?

Regular sauna use has many health benefits including, stress reduction, detoxification (sweating-out toxins) and pain relief. Check the graphic below for more benefits:

Another not commonly mentioned advantage and benefit of sauna use is time away from your phone. Spending 15 – 30 minutes disconnected from your phone is unspeakably good for us.

This small amount of time during the day without your phone can be used meditatively and only increases the amount of benefits received from time in the sauna.

Where can I use a sauna?

Saunas are gaining in popularity and becoming easier to find in places such as hotels, gyms, spas and condominiums.

Did you know you can purchase an in home sauna to maximize the benefits of regular sauna use?

Some popular in-home models are shown here:

in-home infrared sauna against white background, glass door
3-Person At Home Infrared Sauna Available from Amazon ($2,199)
in-home infrared sauna, wooden box,, white background
In-Home Infrared Sauna Available from Amazon ($999)

Some final tips for sauna use…

In general, when using a sauna it is recommended that keep your sessions to roughly 15-30 minutes three or four times per week.

Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your session and do not shock your system too quickly. Take time between your sauna session and cooling down your body in the shower or pool.

Consult your doctor with questions about the full benefits and proper health and medical use of any type of sauna.

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