List of Creative Hobbies | Hobby Ideas for Your Free Time

Welcome to our huge list of creative hobbies from A to Z… Discover the best creative hobby ideas for your free time!

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HOBBYDescription / Resource
AcroyogaCheck out our full article on acroyoga to learn all of the basics. Move your body in creative ways!
ActingExpress yourself on stage, try joining in a community theatre production in your area.
Adobe ExpressAdobe Express is a great tool for creating on the go…Design right from your phone!
AmigurumiAmigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures.
AnimationAnimate and discover your newest creative hobby today. Play around with tools like After Effects to really hone your skills.
AnimeAnime is a style of animated film and television series that originated in Japan. The word anime is derived from the English word “animation.” Anime often has colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes.
AntiquingFind hidden treasures at thrift stores, antique stores, estate sales, garage sales and more…
AquascapingAquascaping is the process of creating and maintaining an attractive, visually pleasing aquarium or aquatic garden. It involves carefully selecting and arranging plants, rocks, and other decorative elements in the tank to create a natural-looking environment for the fish and other aquatic life.
Art CollectingFind the most beautiful paintings and art pieces to decorate your space!
Augmented RealityBlur the lines between physical and digital experiences with Adobe Aero. Create spatially aware interactive experiences for your favorite spaces and places. No coding needed — but imagination required.
Auto Body PaintingGet your car looking fly with a custom paint job.


BakingCookies, cakes, pies, scones and more! Baking is a delicious creative hobby for foodies. Check out a few of our other food hobby recommendations if you’re hungry.
BanjoCheck out our full article on learning the banjo to get started!
BarbecuingCook delicious meats and feed your friends and family! Try a Traeger Grill and discover the delectable wonders of pellet cooking.
Basket WeavingCreate storage space for yourself with a creative hobby of basket weaving.
Bass GuitarGet funky with a bass guitar, start a band and tour the world.
BeadingCreate beautiful works of jewelry and beaded bracelets, necklaces and more.
Beat MakingCreate your own beats with a creative hobby of music production. We recommend tools like Ableton or Logic Pro X to create your music!
Beat BoxingCheck out our full post on beatboxing to get started with the basics.
Blender ArtBlender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, virtual reality and more…
BloggingCheck out our full article on starting a blog for resources, tips and best practices.
A few blog hosting platforms we recommend for getting started include:
Board GamesLove board games? Check out these 8 tabletop games you’ve (probably) never heard of…
BonkeiA bonkei is a temporary or permanent three-dimensional depiction of a landscape in miniature, portrayed using mainly dry materials like rock, papier-mâché or cement mixtures, and sand in a shallow tray.
Bonsai KeepingTend to a miniature tree and make your bonsai flourish with this creative hobby.
Bread MakingCreate delicious loaves of rye, sourdough, multigrain, focaccia and more. Get a bread maker and start baking!
BreakdancingLearn the creative dance stylings of breakdancing! Breakdancing will make it’s Olympic Debut at the Paris Summer Games in 2024!
BuskingTake your instrument out to the streets and sing your heart out. The best side-hustle for creative, outgoing musicians.
photo: Maaria Lohiya


Cake DecoratingCheck out this collection of cake decorating classes available from Skillshare…
CalligraphyPick up this simple calligraphy kit to get started with a creative handwriting hobby.
Candle MakingCreate your own custom candles at home with this highly-rated Custom Candle Making Kit.
CanvaHave you tried Canva’s free color wheel tool? It’s awesome!
CardistryCardistry is the performance art of manipulating playing cards to create visually impressive displays and effects. It involves shuffling, cutting, and flipping the cards in a variety of ways, often with the goal of creating a smooth and seamless flow of movement.
CarpentryCarpentry is a fun and creative hobby perfect for people who like to build things and work with their hands. Check out our full list of hobbies for people who like to build things here…
Cheese MakingMaking your own cheese is one of the most delicious hobbies out there! Check out more great food hobbies here…
ChessLove board games? Check out these 8 Tabletop Games You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of…
Coffee RoastingRoast your own coffee and craft your own rich and delicious coffee flavors. Check out this helpful list of coffee hobbies for more ideas.
CollageCollect old magazines, cut out interesting pictures and create beautiful collage works of art.
CollectingCheck out our full article on collecting for ideas, tips and resources!
Coloring BooksAdult coloring books are a fun and relaxing way to get creative! Check out a few of our PDF Coloring Books and get started coloring right away.
Comic BooksComic books are a wonderful creative outlet for imaginative readers and enthusiasts!
Computer ProgrammingLearning to code is a creative pursuit and takes time and dedication to learn and master. Take this quiz over at CodeAcademy to get a better idea of what coding language is most aligned with your passions and interests and check out their free lessons!
CookingExperimenting with a new recipe or menu is a great creative hobby for foodies! Check out our List of Food Hobbies for more ideas!
CosplayDress up as your favorite characters! Find local cosplay gatherings in your community!
CraftingCheck out these awesome free crafting lessons available from Craftsy! Free lessons in quilting, sewing, knitting and more…
Creative WritingWhether it’s journaling, short stories, novels, poetry etc. Creative writing is an amazing hobby to express yourself.
CricutCricut is an amazing tool for creating personalized vinyl stickers, iron-ons, greeting cards and more. Check out their free beginner video series here…
CrochetingStart a new hobby of crocheting! Check out Annies Hook & Needle Kit Club to get all the supplies you need on a monthly basis.
Cross-StitchCross-stitch is a form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture.
Get a handful of creative apps for one low price. Deeper discounts available for students! Check out Adobe Creative Cloud here…


DancingThere are tons of different dance styles to choose from including, jazz, hiphop, ballroom, ballet, tap and many more.
DecoratingSpruce up your home with a creative hobby of decorating. Get into the spirit of each season and make your space fun and new!
DecoupageDecoupage is a decorative hobby that involves cutting out pictures or designs from paper or other materials and then gluing them onto a surface, often a wooden object, using multiple layers of glue or varnish to create a smooth, seamless finish.
DesigningDesigning can take many forms and is a great way to be creative. Whether you’re designing spaces, media, clothing etc… Having a design thinking mind will take you far.
Digital ArtDigital art takes many forms and is a world-unto itself when it comes to creative hobbies. We recommend checking out the Adobe Creative Suite to learn more about the world of digital art.
Diorama MakingCreate your own worlds, scenarios, or settings, using a variety of materials.
Disk GolfChoosing the right approach and throw in disc golf certainly takes some creative and reasoning skills.
DJingCreate and mix beautiful live music with a creative hobby of DJing.
Dog TrainingTeaching an old dog new tricks can be…tricky. Use your creativity and spend time with your pup. Check out our list of hobbies to do with your dog for more information.
DoodlingDraw little characters and shapes to express yourself creatively!
DrawingLearning to draw takes lots of practice. Drawing is the perfect hobby for people with patience and an artistic eye.
Dream CatchersA fun and crafty hobby to work with your hands and create something beautiful.
DrumsPlaying the drums is a physical and music way to express yourself. Check out our list of music hobbies for more creative music hobby ideas.


EmbroideryEmbroidery allows you to create designs, patterns, and images by stitching various types of thread onto a base material to create a decorative effect.
EngravingEngraving is the art of cutting or carving a design into a hard surface, such as metal, wood, or stone, using specialized tools. It is often used to create detailed images, patterns, or text on objects, such as jewelry, awards, or decorative items.
EtsySell your handmade creations on a marketplace built for artists.
Etsy has long been the best place for artists to monetize their creativity online…


FashionGet involved in the world of fashion! Create your old clothes, follow trends, make a fit-check TikTok page. There are tons of options for hobbies in the world of fashion!
FigmaFigma is a powerful design tool that helps you create pixel perfect websites, applications, logos, and much more.
Figure DrawingFigure drawing is a form of drawing that involves capturing the human form in various poses and positions, typically using live models as a reference. It is a fundamental practice in the visual arts, as it helps artists develop their understanding of human anatomy, proportions, and movement.
FilmmakingWith resources like Youtube and Premier Pro, anyone can make and release films for the world to see!
Flower ArrangingCreate beautiful bouquets for friends, family or yourself to enjoy.
Flower PressingFlower pressing is the art of preserving flowers and other plant materials by flattening and drying them between sheets of absorbent paper.
Fly TyingCreate your own custom and beautiful flies for fly fishing!
Furniture BuildingBuild or create your own custom furniture. Check out our list of Hobbies to Build Things for more ideas.
woman making bouquet with tools and flowers laid out on table


GamingWhether you are playing or designing video games, it takes lots of creativity! Check out our full article on video games for more info.
GardeningGardening takes patience, care and lots of creativity. Check out our full article on gardening for tips, resources and more info.
GenealogyDig deep into your family tree and get creative with figuring out your family history. Check out our full article on genealogy for more information on getting started.
GeocachingGeocaching is like real-world treasure hunting. Find a cache and leave a cache behind.
Glass BlowingBy using different techniques and tools, glass blowers can create everything from delicate figurines to large-scale sculptures and functional items like vases and bowls.
GraffitiBy using spray paint, stencils, and other tools, graffiti artists can create everything from simple tags to complex murals that challenge societal norms and spark conversations about important issues.
Graphic DesignGraphic design in the art of creating various digital art graphics and visuals. Check out tools like Canva or Adobe Illustrator to get started.
GuitarLearning to play the guitar is a great creative hobby for musicians. Check out for all of your guitar playing needs!


HandicraftHandicraft refers to a wide range of crafts that are made by hand using traditional techniques and materials. It can include a variety of different forms of art and craft, such as knitting, embroidery, weaving, pottery, woodworking, and more.
HarmonicaThe harmonica is a fun and versatile instrument for people on the go. Check out our full article on the harmonica for tips, tricks and resources.
Hobby HorsingHobby horsing is a sport and hobby that involves riding and performing tricks on a toy horse on a stick, often in a competition setting.
HydroponicsHydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Instead, plants are grown in a nutrient-rich water solution, often in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse.


Ice SculptingSkilled ice sculptors use a variety of tools and techniques to carve, chisel, and shape ice into a wide range of shapes and designs, from simple animals to elaborate ice castles and other intricate works of art.
IllustrationAlways crisp, never blurry: With Adobe Illustrator, you can create professional designs, icons, and more — then use them anyplace at any size. 
ImprovBy relying on their wit, creativity, and quick thinking, improvisers can explore a wide range of characters, settings, and scenarios, making each performance unique and unpredictable.
Interior DesignDesign spaces with furniture, decorations and feng shui. Try out tools like for a fun interior design tool.
InventingCreate something new. Build, invent, discover and experiment!


Jaw HarpThe jaw harp is a simple, unique and fun instrument to learn. Check out our article on the jaw harp to learn more.
Jewelry MakingCreate your own custom jewelry!
Jigsaw PuzzlesCheck out our full article on the surprising benefits of a jigsaw puzzle hobby here…
JournalingCheck out our full article on the many styles and benefits of journaling here…
JugglingLearn different tricks, routines and strategies to improve your juggling skills.
woman sitting at desk with computer and journal; minimalist background


KaraokeGet on stage and sing your heart out! Check out our full article on karaoke for tips, tricks and best practices.
KnittingKnit sweaters, scarves, mittens and more! The sky is the limit with a lifelong hobby of knitting.
Knot TyingKnot tying is a creative and useful life skill hobby! Check out our full article on knot tying to learn more.
Kombucha BrewingGet creative in the kitchen and brew your own kombucha from the comfort of your home.


Land ArtLand art is a type of art that involves creating works using natural materials found in the environment, such as rocks, soil, and plants. These artworks are often created in remote outdoor locations and are intended to interact with and reflect the natural landscape.
LanguagesLearning a new language is a great creative pursuit that enables you to communicate with the world.
A few language learning tools that we recommend include:
Rosetta Stone
LapidaryLapidary is the art of cutting, shaping, and polishing stones, minerals, and other hard materials to create jewelry, decorative objects, and other works of art. It involves using a variety of tools, including saws, grinders, and polishing wheels, to transform rough materials into finished pieces.
LARPingLARPING, or Live Action Role Playing, is a form of interactive storytelling where participants physically act out the roles of their characters in a fictional world. Participants use costumes, props, and rulesets to simulate combat.
Latch HookBy following a pattern or creating their designs, latch hook enthusiasts can create a wide range of colorful and unique rugs, wall hangings, and other decorative items.
Latte ArtLatte art is a fun and creative way to enjoy your coffee or espresso. Check out our article on coffee hobbies for more ideas.
Learning an InstrumentLearning a musical instrument is a fun and creative way to make beautiful music. Head over to for all of your instrument and gear needs.
Leather CraftingLeather crafting is the art of creating objects from leather using a variety of techniques, such as cutting, stitching, and stamping. It can involve creating everything from small accessories like wallets and belts to larger items like bags, furniture, and even clothing.
Lego BuildingTake it back to the basics with a hobby of lego building. Check out our article on legos for more information, resources and new kits!
Lightroom EditingLightroom is a go-to photo editing tool for professional and hobby photographers. Learn the tool and make your photos really shine.
Listening to MusicExplore new albums, listen to your favorite artists and enjoy a relaxing hobby of listening to music.
Listening to PodcastsDiscover topics that you are interested or learn new things! Podcasts are a great way to learn or laugh while you go along with your other daily activities.
Live StreamingShare your talents or opinions with the world by live streaming on Twitch, Youtube, Tiktok or elsewhere!
Lock PickingPicking locks requires a certain level of skill and ingenuity, making it an engaging and challenging pursuit for those interested in problem-solving and tinkering.


MacrameMacrame is a creative hobby involving knotting various materials, such as rope or cord, to create decorative and functional items such as wall hangings, plant holders, and jewelry.
Magic TricksImpress your friends and family with creative magic or card tricks.
Make-UpGetting the perfect contour, experimenting with new lipsticks and colors. Make-up is truly an art and a fun creative hobby.
Martial ArtsMartial arts combines creativity with problem solving and physical ability.
MeditationCheck out or full article on meditation for more information and tips.
Getting started with mobile apps like Headspace is a great way to stay consistent with your meditation practice.
Memory TrainingMemory games, mnemonics, visualization techniques, and other exercises that challenge and stimulate the brain, makes memory training a fun and engaging pursuit for those interested in mental wellness and cognitive improvement.
Merch DesignDesign t-shirts and other print on demand products as a creative design side-hustle project.
MeteorologyMeteorologists often have to think creatively to solve problems and come up with new ways to analyze and forecast weather, making it a stimulating and challenging pursuit for those interested in the natural world and scientific inquiry.
MindfulnessPractice mindfulness throughout your daily routine and creative pursuits. Slow down and stay in the moment.
Miniature PaintingPainting and designing miniature figurines is a fun and creative pursuit for folks with patience and a steady hand.
MixologyLearn new drink recipes and impress your friends and guests. Check out r/mixology for some inspiration!
Model AirplanesModel airplanes are a fun creative hobby for those interested in engineering, aviation, and hands-on creativity.
Model BuildingBuilding model trains, planes and automobiles is a creative hobby for patient people who like to work with their hands.
Motorcycle MaintenanceTinker with and maintain your motorcycle in creative ways and learn new skills.
Museum VisitingVisit art museums in your area to boost your creativity and be inspired in your own creations.
Music ProductionCreate your own music from the comfort of your home with the power of your laptop and a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
man sitting at desk music production hobby


Nail ArtFrom simple polka dots to intricate geometric shapes and miniature works of art, nail art allows for a wide range of creative expression, making it a fun and engaging pursuit for those interested in fashion, beauty, and self-expression.
Needle FeltingNeedle felting involves using a special needle to sculpt and shape wool fibers into three-dimensional objects, such as animals, plants, and other decorative items.
Needle PointNeedle point involves stitching decorative designs onto a canvas using a variety of colored yarns or threads.


Oil PaintingUsing oil based paints to create beautiful landscapes, portraits or abstract paintings in your free time.
OrganizingUse your creativity to get your life and space organized! Check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo to get inspired.
OrigamiOrigami is a creative art of folding paper and creating little animals or works of art. Pick up this simple origami kit from Amazon to get started.
woman oil painting with plants in the background


Paint by NumbersCheck out this HUGE paint by numbers kit for adults available at Amazon.
PaintingWhether it’s watercolor, acrylic, or oil, you can create a wide range of artworks, from realistic portraits to abstract compositions with a painting hobby.
Papier-mâchePapier-mâche involves using strips of paper and a mixture of glue and water to create three-dimensional objects, such as sculptures, masks, and piñatas.
ParkourMove your body creatively through the community and obstacles to get from point A to point B. Check out r/parkour for inspiration and ideas.
Pen PalsConnect with people around the world and write letters the old fashioned way. Check out to get started.
PerformingGet on stage and share your talents with the world. Open-mic’s, theatre and more!
PhotographyCheck out our Beginner’s Guide to Photography to start your creative photography hobby.
PhotoshopStart playing around with Photoshop and really take your photography hobby to the next level
PodcastingStart your own podcast and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Check out our full article on podcasting to learn more.
PoetryWriting poetry is a wonderful creative writing hobby. Practice writing sonnets, haikus, limericks, acrostics etc…
PotteryUse clay to create three-dimensional objects, such as bowls, vases, and sculptures, using techniques such as wheel-throwing and hand-building.
ProcreateProcreate is a powerful digital art and drawing application for the Ipad. Experiment with digital drawing!
PuppetryPuppetry is a creative hobby that involves creating and manipulating puppets to tell stories and convey emotions.
PyrographyPyrography is a creative art hobby that involves burning designs, words and patterns into wood. Check out our full article on pyrography to learn more.
woman doing pyrography hobby overhead view


QuillingQuilling is a creative hobby that involves rolling and shaping strips of paper into intricate designs and patterns, allowing for endless possibilities and opportunities for personal expression.
QuiltingQuilting allows for endless possibilities in terms of fabric selection, pattern design, and embellishments, providing a satisfying outlet for self-expression and artistic exploration.


RappingRap allows you express yourself through words, convey emotions, and showcase your unique style and creativity in a powerful, engaging and poetic way.
ReadingReading is a great hobby for any creative. Check out our full article on reading for benefits, book recommendations and tips.
Record CollectingBuild up your record collection and listen to your favorite albums over and over again.
Refurbishing FurnitureFind old furniture at garage sales or thrift stores and bring it back to life!
Resin MoldingResin molding is a creative hobby that involves mixing and pouring resin into molds to create a variety of objects, such as jewelry, figurines, and decorative pieces.
RoboticsRobotics is a creative hobby that involves designing, building, and programming robots to perform various tasks or solve problems.
lineup of sand art in glass jars


Sand ArtSand art is a fun creative hobby that involves using colorful sand to create intricate designs and patterns in a bottle, vase, or other containers.
SaxophoneLearn the saxophone and play beautifully jazzy music. Check out our list of music hobbies for more ideas.
ScrapbookingPreserve memories in a creative and artistic way with a scrapbooking hobby. Check out a few of these Scrapbooking Starter Kits available from Amazon Prime.
Screen PrintingScreen printing is a creative hobby that involves using a mesh screen to transfer ink onto a substrate, such as fabric or paper, to create a design or pattern.
SculptingSculpting is a creative hobby that involves manipulating materials such as clay, stone, or wood to create three-dimensional forms, ranging from realistic to abstract.
SewingSewing allows individuals to express their creativity, experiment with different fabrics, patterns, and designs, and produce functional and unique pieces that can be used or gifted to others.
SingingSing your heart out! Learn to sing by following lessons on youtube and test your skills at a karaoke or open mic night in your area!
SketchbookSketchbook, is a raster graphics software app intended for expressive drawing and concept sketching also for making animations.
SketchingGet yourself a sketchbook and practice drawing
Soap MakingCreate your own scents and soaps. Check out this Soap Making Kit available from Amazon.
SongwritingBust out that guitar and a notepad. Express yourself and process emotions in a positive way by writing a song.
Stained Glass ArtStained glass art is a fun creative hobby that involves cutting and piecing together colored glass to create intricate designs and patterns that can be used for windows, lamps, or decorative objects.
StampsCollecting stamps is a fun and creative hobby. Check out our collecting article for more ideas on items to collect.
Stand-Up ComedyWriting jokes and performing them in-front of a crowd takes dedication, bravery and creativity!
StargazingStargazing allows individuals to explore the mysteries of the universe, learn about astronomy and cosmology, and experience a sense of wonder and awe that can inspire creativity and imagination.
StorytellingStorytelling allows individuals to develop their imagination, language skills, and empathy, and to express their ideas and perspectives in a compelling and engaging way that can capture the attention and emotions of the audience.
Sushi MakingMake your own sushi rolls! Choose your ingredients and make your own delicious sushi creations.


TattooingTattooing allows individuals to express their creativity and produce unique and meaningful pieces of art that can carry personal significance or convey a message to others.
TaxidermyTaxidermy is a fun creative hobby that involves preserving and mounting animal skins to create lifelike and realistic displays of animals.
TerrariumsDesign and building miniature ecosystems in glass containers, using plants, soil, and decorative elements.
TerrazzoTerrazzo is a fun creative hobby that involves mixing and pouring a composite material made of marble or glass chips and cement, and using it to create floors, walls, or decorative objects.
ThriftingThrifting is a fun creative hobby that involves visiting thrift stores, flea markets, or garage sales to search for second-hand items, such as clothes, furniture, or collectibles, that can be repurposed or up-cycled.
Tie-DyeTie-dye is a fun creative hobby that involves twisting, folding, and dyeing fabric to create colorful and psychedelic patterns. Pick up this simple Tie-Dye Kit from Amazon to get started.
TintypeTintype is a fun creative hobby that involves using a historical photographic process to create one-of-a-kind images on metal plates. It allows individuals to experiment with different subjects, lighting, and processing techniques, and to produce unique and timeless pieces of art that can capture a moment in time or convey a mood or message.
TopiaryTopiary is a fun creative hobby that involves shaping and pruning plants into decorative shapes or figures, such as animals, geometric forms, or human figures.
TypographyTypography is a fun creative hobby that involves designing and arranging typefaces and fonts to create visually appealing and effective communication designs, such as posters, logos, or websites.
two people with tweezers working on a glass terrarium


UpcyclingUpcycling is a fun creative hobby that involves transforming old or discarded items into new and useful products or artworks, using creativity and resourcefulness.
User Experience DesignUX Design is a great way empathize and create useful products and services. Many UX Designers utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud tools to create.
User Interface DesignDesign mobile, web and tech interfaces with tools like Figma or Adobe XD.


Video EditingTake your videos to the next level with a video editing hobby. Perfect your transitions, coloring and panning.
Video GamesVideo games are a fun creative hobby that improve your hand-eye coordination and problem solving abilitities.
VideographyPractice a hobby of videography with tools like Premier Pro.
person video editing in dark room


Watching DocumentariesLearn something new and take a deep-dive on topics you are interested in.
Watercolor PaintingWatercolor painting is a great hobby for creative folks looking for a simple painting setup they can take on the go. Check out our full article on watercolor painting for more tips, tricks and resources.
WeavingWeaving is a fun creative hobby that involves interlacing yarn or other materials on a loom to create textiles, such as blankets, scarves, or rugs.
Web DesignDesign websites with tools like, Webflow, Squarespace and Figma.
WeldingWelding is an exciting creative hobby that involves joining metal parts together using heat and pressure, to create sculptures, furniture, or other metalwork.
WhittlingCreate beautiful wooden carvings with a creative whittling hobby. Pick up this helpful whittling kit to get started.
WoodworkingWoodworking is a fun creative hobby that involves using tools and techniques to shape and assemble wood into functional or decorative objects, such as furniture, carvings, or toys.
Word Search PuzzlesCheck out our PDF collection of word search puzzles to learn about a large variety of hobbies.
WorldbuildingWorldbuilding is a fun creative hobby that involves constructing imaginary worlds, societies, cultures, and histories, for use in writing, gaming, or other forms of storytelling.
Wreath MakingCheck out this helpful how-to article on How to Make a Christmas Wreath Using Fresh Greens to learn more!
WritingWriting is a creative hobby that can live and breathe in many forms. Songwriting, novels, poetry, plays etc…
woman woodworking on work table with tools in the background


XboxPlaying Xbox video games is a fun and creative hobby to socialize and improve your hand-eye coordination!


Yo-yoingYoyoing is a fun creative hobby that involves performing tricks with a yoyo, using a combination of string manipulation, body movement, and timing. Check out our full article on Yoyoing here!
YodelingYodeling is a fun creative hobby that involves singing with rapid changes in pitch between low and high notes, usually in a mountain or folk music style.
YogaYoga is an exciting physical and creative hobby that involves practicing different physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, to improve one’s physical and mental well-being.
Youtube VideosCreating your own youtube videos and talking about your interests is a great way to express yourself creatively and share with the world.


ZentanglesCheck out our full article on Zentangles to learn the basics and best practices of this mindful and stress reducing art practice.

Looking for more great hobby ideas? Check out our Huge List of Hobbies from A to Z and start something new!

Get a handful of creative apps for one low price. Deeper discounts available for students! Check out Adobe Creative Cloud here…