Teqball or “Air Soccer” is an exciting tabletop-game great for building your juggling and ball control skills.

Enjoy this competitive fast paced game and hone your skills while this game is still relatively unknown!

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What is Teqball?

Teqball is a fast-growing Hungarian tabletop-game combining elements of soccer, ping-pong and volleyball.

As Teqball grows in popularity in many European countries, there is a dedicated group of passionate Teqball players advocating to make Teqball an Olympic Sport in the coming years!

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Photo: Mudra László

How do you play Teqball?

Teqball is typically played with a regular size 5 soccer ball and is best played outdoors or in a large open gymnasium as you’ll need plenty of room to move around.

In a one vs. one game, each player is allowed three kicks to hit the ball back to the other side of the table.

Score is kept in a similar fashion as ping-pong, players may only use their feet, chest, thighs and head to strike the ball similar to soccer and players may hit the ball three times per side similarly to volleyball.

For a full visual understanding of gameplay and Teqball rules, check out the video below from TEQtv:

Can anyone play Teqball?

Teqball is a fun athletic game for people of all ages! The ability to run, jump and move quickly gives any player an advantage in this fast-paced tabletop-game.

Teqball is played as a one vs. one or two vs. two fashion, so get a few friends together and have a Teqball tournament!

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Hopefully our quick introduction has gotten you excited to try Teqball and gotten you closer to your next favorite hobby!

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