Mölkky is a great yard game to play with all of your family and friends! We’ve got everything you need to know to start playing today…

pink croc and persons hand, person is bending over to pick up wooden dowels with various numbers written on them

What is the history of Mölkky?

Mölkky is a Finnish throwing yard-game that has been gaining popularity around the world over the last several years. Mölkky was invented by the Lahden Paikka company in 1996 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

How do you play Mölkky?

Players use a wooden pin to try and knock over other wooden pins of similar size. A player uses the throwing pin to hit the other pins which each has a score written on it ranging from 1-12.

Pins are set up roughly 10-15 feet away from the throwing spot and are organized as such:

mölkky number grid and set-up.

Knocking over 1 pin, scores the thrower the amount written on the pin.

Knocking over multiple pins, scores the thrower the amount of pins knocked over. (ex. Thrower knocks over 4 pins, thrower scores 4 points)

A point is not scored if the point pin is leaning on the throwing pin or on any other point pins.

The pins are stood back up and placed exactly where they landed after each throw.

As the game progresses the pins slowly get more and more spread out by being hit.

The first player to reach 50 points is the winner.

If a player goes OVER 50 points, they are penalized, and their score returns to 25.

mölkky wooden dowels in the dirt, displaying an action shot of mölkky game play

How many people can play Mölkky?

There is no limit to the number of people who can play!

With no limit to the number of players, it is the perfect backyard family barbecue game!

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