Drone Flying

You don’t know how to fly them, where to buy them, or what they can do; but you know you need one.

Check out our our guide below and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting into the exciting hobby of drone flying.

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A Very Brief History of Drones

Drones, or UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) have been around longer than you may think. The U.S military began experimenting with UAV’s back in the 1930’s with radio controlled airplanes. However, these original models proved to be too expensive and unpractical for military purposes.

As technology improved, militaries around the world were able to improve each model up into the 1990’s when “drones” became a practical and precise military tool.

What are drones used for?

Currently drones are used for a vast variety of activities including…

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Videography
  • Deliveries
  • Racing
  • Disaster Relief
  • Surveillance and Security
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Construction & Surveying
  • Mapping Wild Fires
  • Farm Surveying
  • Recreation
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What types of drones are there?

Drones come in a variety of shapes, styles, brands and uses. When shopping for a drone, it is important to have some idea what you will be using the drone for. That said, you’ll first want to look at the various rotor styles and see what will suite your needs.

  • Fixed Wing Drones – Fixed wing drones are different from multi-rotor drones in that they utilize a wing style body, similar to that of an airplane. They are remote controlled and battery powered with a typical operating time of several hours. Fixed wing drones are typically used for commercial purposes like surveillance and mapping.
  • Single Rotor Drones – Single rotor drones look very similar to helicopters. These drones typically are gas powered and require more skill and knowledge to operate than multi rotor drones.
  • Fixed Wing Hybrid Drones – Utilizing the best features from multi rotor and fixed wing styles. These are the drones that Amazon has been testing for their PrimeAir delivery service. Very expensive, but very cool…

What laws should I be aware of before drone flying?

Drone flying laws are constantly evolving and vary greatly depending on your location. For a full list of drone laws by country, check out DroneRush.com‘s full list of countries and regulations.

That said, there are some general rules of thumb and common sense practices that all drone fliers should know and practice.

  • Do not fly over people
  • Stay within line of sight; You should always be able to see your drone while flying.
  • Stay FAR away from airports and manned aircrafts
  • If you’re drone has a camera (most do); You’ll need to respect privacy laws and private properties
  • Check regulations and rules before flying. For example, drone flying is not permitted within National Park boundaries.

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