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Stuck and home and need some fresh ideas to curb your boredom?

Check out these fun and family friendly tabletop games and get competitive with your family and friends!


Klask is an award winning competitive magnetic game that won best party game of the year in Sweden and Norway!

The game of Klask is best described as magnetic tabletop foosball meets air-hockey…

Get competitive with this fast paced game perfect for parties, pubs or quarantines. Pick up a Klask Board with everything you need to get “klasking” here from Amazon Prime…

Klask tabletop game magnetic hockey style game; view of family gameplay

Disk Dash

Disk Dash is air-hockey meets rubber bands meets backgammon…

Weird times! This fast-paced, fast-flicking tabletop game is fun for people of all ages and is the perfect game for at home tournaments!

Pick up your Disk Dash board from Amazon here for the fun times to begin…

Disk Dash tabletop game competitive board game for family and friends


Bonk is a tabletop game full of head to head action!

This fast paced game involves rolling small metal balls to strike a larger wooden ball. The object of Bonk is to hit the wooden ball into your opponents goal. Bonk is best played with 2-4 players.

Bonk tabletop game is available from Amazon Prime here…

Bonk tabletop game in box, fast-rolling ricochet game

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap is a strategy game that requires you to see how many discs you can collect while avoiding the game finishing snap!

Collect more pieces than your opponents before the board snaps to win the game. Oh Snap can be played with 2-6 players.

Oh Snap! tabletop game board available from Amazon Prime here…

Oh Snap board game with carrying bag

Three-Player Chess

Three-player chess takes the classic strategy game of traditional chess to an all new level.

This high quality beech and birch tabletop game board is decorated with traditional pyrography patterns and has built in storage for game pieces.

Check out this beautiful three-player chess game board available from Amazon Prime here…

wooden three player chess tabletop game board

Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon is a classic 1940’s tabletop game, fun for the whole family.

A steady hand, strategy and patience will all be tested as you attempt to roll the metal ball as far as you can up the metal rods.

“Children who partake in these games boost their critical thinking, problem solving, spatial awareness and socialization skills, making it a great addition to any classroom or household.” -WE Games

Shoot the Moon tabletop game available from Amazon Prime here…

shoot the moon tabletop game; long wooden board, metal ball and metal rods


Otrio is a family-friendly head to head strategy board game!

Players compete to line up three pieces of the same color, in ascending or descending order within the same space.

Playing Otrio encourages players to utilize strategy, reasoning and critical thinking skills.

The Otrio tabletop game is available from Amazon Prime here…

Otrio tabletop game of strategy and competion; wooden board with multi-color rings


Quoridor is an easy to learn, quick-to-play strategy tabletop board game designed for 2-4 players.

Game play involves blocking your opponent while you build your own path to victory in this classic tabletop game.

Quoridor classic board game is available from Amazon Prime here…

quoridor board game with playing pieces; strategy board game

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