DICEBREAKER: Simple Icebreaker Conversation Game for All Ages

Dicebreaker is a simple, family-friendly icebreaker dice game perfect for getting to know family, friends, co-workers and peers in an exciting way!

The Dicebreaker game board is arranged with various icebreaker questions and players roll two dice to determine the question to answer aloud to the group!

How To Play:

Each player takes a turn rolling two dice.

Player see’s which question lines up with their roll and reads the question aloud.

Player then answers the question aloud to the group.

Player answers the question, allow space for conversation and follow-up questions from the group.

Dice are handed to the next player.

Game continues as long as the group would like!

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Recommendation 1: Allow users to skip or re-roll if they are uncomfortable answering a question.

Recommendation 2: Use two different colored dice! This helps with determining the proper question to answer. Writing the color of the dice on the X and Y axis of game sheet is helpful.

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Dicebreaker icebreaker game offers hours of fun and can be adapted to play in several different ways to accommodate the skill level of any group you may be playing with.

Dicebreaker is a great game for families, friends, teachers, therapists, social workers, counselors etc…

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