The Best Dice Games for Family Game Night!

These family dice games are perfect for your next family game night!

Whether you are looking for a simple learning game or a thrilling strategy game there is sure to be a game here for you and your crew. Roll the bones!


With simple rules, fast decision-making and thrilling risk-taking, it’s no surprise that Qwixx has become one of the most popular Family Dice Games.

This Award Winning, fast paced, family friendly game has sold millions and continues to be a staple in homes across the globe with its energetic game play!

Every player is involved in every roll so players are constantly engaged and interacting throughout game play.

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A simple icebreaker get-to-know-you game perfect for families, friends, groups and gatherings!

Our collection of icebreaker questions comes with four different category cards to really get to know each other including Would You Rather?, Deep, Classic and Favorites.

Take turns rolling the dice and answering the corresponding questions. Play as long as you like and learn more about each other.

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Of course Yahtzee makes our list of the best dice games!

Take turns rolling dice to try to score combos, You get a total of 13 turns and may roll up to three times on a turn. At the end of each turn, you must fill in one empty box in your column on the score card.

The player with the highest grand total at the end of all 13 rounds wins.

It’s up to the player whether they hustle for a full house or risk it all for a Yahtzee roll. Game includes 5 dice and shaker that doubles as storage for easy clean up and travel.

If you want to play Yahtzee with your family, but everyone is in different places, you can also play Yahtzee online. This online Yahtzee game offers a multiplayer mode where you can play against family members. Moreover, with the online versions, you can get rid of scorecards because it’s automatically kept track of for you!

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Left Center Right (LCR)

LCR Left Center Right is a fun, fast-paced dice game that you won’t be able to put down!

Each game includes 3 specialty marked LCR dice, 24 playing chips and instructions.

Players roll the dice to determine where they pass their chips.

The last player with chips is the winner and wins the center pot.

For extra excitement, play with quarters or dollars. Winner gets the whole pot of money!

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Farkle is a classic game of luck and greed. Roll the dice, press your luck, and score. First person to reach 10,000 points in the winner!

Yes, Farkle really is that simple. Keep an eye on your competitors scores, but don’t get too hasty.

One bad roll, and you’ll learn what it means to Farkle.

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A game that’s easy to play and can be played over and over. This famous social dice game brings all your friends together for an exciting and entertaining evening.

Box of Bunco is played in sets with a total of six rounds.

Roll the dice to earn points. On round one, only 1s will get you points. On round two, only 2s will get you points, and so on. Match all 3 of your dice and that’s a BUNCO! (That is worth 21 points…)

Includes 3 dice cups with special bonuses, 3 sets of hot looking dice (pink, orange and green), silver bell, score pad, and instructions. For ages 13 and older, options to play with up to 12 players!

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TENZI is fun because it’s fast.

To play TENZI you must roll your 10 dice as fast as you can which makes the game instantly competitive and fun for the whole family.

Playing TENZI helps kids develop rapid and confident number recognition while being easy to learn, exciting and simple to play.

It’s the perfect game for families, friends and team building activities.

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Liar’s Dice

This classic dice game encourages you to bluff your way to victory, or go so slow and steady with honesty towards victory.

Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? Practice your bluffing skills with this classic pirate dice game straight from the high-seas.

This particular Liar’s Dice set comes highly rated with its quality tumblers, dice and treasure chest box set.

For an excellent write-up of the rules check out Dice Game Depot’s post here…

Liars Dice (Classic Dice Game) is Available from Amazon Prime here…

Shut the Box

While originally played as a gambling game in pubs in Northern France, Shut the Box has become a fun family game for people of all ages.

Shut the Box is easy to learn and funny for kids, adults and families. It can be played with 2 – 4 players and provide hours of funny entertainment!

This fun family dice game with its beautiful pine wood playing board is perfect for teaching children logical thinking, problem solving and strategy.

Ropoda’s Shut the Box Dice Game is Available from Amazon Prime here…


Kerfuffle is a silly and exciting family dice game that is like a cross between Scrabble (with numbers) and Charades.

Roll your dice and place them on the grid so they create or add to “straights” (1, 2, 3, etc.), “Pairs,” “three-of-a-kind,” Etc. In each direction.

Here’s the catch: You need to do this while doing what the drawn card says!

You might get lucky and only have to start your turn with a three-of-a-kind or you might have to “whistle while you work” Or play with your tongue sticking out!

The first player to get rid of all their dice wins! 

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From the makers of Qwixx, Qwinto is a fast-paced family dice game great for learning strategy and thinking quickly. Great for players 8 and up.

Players try to write down as many numbers as possible in the three differently colored rows on their respective score sheet.

If you manage to enter a number in all the fields of a colored row, you’ll score even more points for the row.

There are also lucrative bonus points you can score for completing each field of a column made up of 3 fields.

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Catan Dice Game

Discover, explore, and settle Catan anywhere and anytime. With Catan Dice Game you can even play by yourself!

Catan Dice Game is a great casual introduction to the world of Catan. Learn the ins and outs before stepping up to the full board game version.

The Catan Dice Game is the perfect portable adventure experience and Catan enthusiasts on-the-move.

Including 6 colorful, high quality, embossed 16mm plastic dice, a generous pad of full color double-sided score sheets featuring two maps for alternate play.

Catan Dice Game Available from Amazon Prime here…

So there you have it, a collection of the best family dice games for you and your family! We hope you found a game that you and your family can enjoy…

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