10 Hobbies to Cope with Stress & Anxiety

These days, it’s more important than ever to practice healthy ways of coping with stress. If you are looking for a new hobby to cope with stress and anxiety, try some of our favorites below…

1.) Reading

Reading is an amazing go-to hobby to cope with stress and anxiety.

Sitting down with a good book, getting lost in a story and learning something new is always time well spent.

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legs crossed with open book close up, reading as a hobby to cope with stress and anxiety

2.) Puzzles

Immersing yourself in a thousand-piece puzzle may sound stressful on the surface; but if you start slow and learn to enjoy the process, puzzles are a great way to reduce stress.

Apart from helping to reduce stress and anxiety, puzzles can also improve your memory and hand-eye coordination.

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close up of puzzle pieces on black table
photo credit: Gabriel Crismariu

3.) Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is not just for kids!

Adult coloring books have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Coloring is a great way to flex your creativity and reduce stress at the same time.

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close up of open coloring book with colored pencils on page. Adult coloring books as a hobby to cope with stress and anxiety

4.) Gardening

Tending your own garden, growing your own food and spending time outdoors are all amazing ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Start small, grow plants that you’re curious about and enjoy the process. Tending to other living things is a great way to practice “care” and can translate into good habits for your own “self-care“.

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overhead view of budding plants in cups of soil
photo credit: Markus Spiske

5.) Journaling

Journaling or keeping a diary is a proven way to process your emotions and reduce anxiety.

There are no rules when it come to keeping a journal; we encourage you to try out different styles and see what writing style suites you best.

Whether you’re keeping a diary, gratitude journal or simply writing a to-do list, journaling is incredibly beneficial for stress reduction.

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overhead view of journal on cement bench with pen outdoors
photo credit: Hannah Jacobson

6.) Exercise

Exercising to reduce stress and anxiety can take many forms.

Working out stimulates the production of endorphins, which is a chemical our body utilizes to reduce pain and boost mood.

Whether it’s hiking, walking, running, skiing or going to the gym, working up a sweat is a great go-to stress reliever.

back view of woman headed down a hiking path headed towards mountain
photo credit: Holly Mandarich

7.) Handheld Brain Teaser Games

Handheld games and brainteasers are a great way to focus your attention on a simple, directed task.

Focusing your attention on a simple handheld “problem”, can be incredibly helpful in coping with stress and anxiety.

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close up view of rubik's cube, handheld games as a hobby to cope with stress
photo credit: Jean-Louis Paulin

8.) Listen to Music

Take a drive, go for a walk or simply sit down with your best set of headphones.

Listening to music is a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety and is a welcome addition to other activities throughout your day!

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back view of woman looking at a green bush with headphones on
photo credit: Rakhmat Suwandi

9.) Cooking

Taking the time to try a new recipe, picking out fresh ingredients and making a mindful-mess in the kitchen is wonderful coping.

Taking the time to show yourself some care, by preparing a beautiful meal made by hand is a great stress reducer.

Try cooking your way through these 200 World Recipes… This cookbook will not only teach you new recipes, but will also help learn about other cultures while you’re at it!

close up of hands chopping vegetables on a wooden cutting board
photo credit: Max Delsid

10.) Play an Instrument

Learning a new instrument can take you into a whole new world of self-discovery and creativity.

Immersing yourself in the culture, sounds and possibilities of a new instrument is a great way to curb anxiety.

Putting your efforts into creating your own music, or covering your favorite songs is a sure way to relax your mind while learning something new.

If you are looking for a hobby to cope with stress and learn a new musical instrument, Check out our beginners guides for many instruments including guitar, banjo, harmonica and more here…

close up view of hands playing the banjo; music and instruments are a great hobby to cope with stress and anxiety
photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Finding hobbies and activities that suite our needs and ease our anxieties is a constant project. We hope this list helps point you in the right direction towards a fulfilling and stress reducing hobby that lasts as longs as you need it. 🙂

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