What Are the Benefits of Having a Hobby as an Adult?

As we get older many of us shift our focus to things like work, finances and our children.

It is important to maintain balance in our lives as we get older by spending time doing activities and hobbies that we enjoy.

Check out our list below to learn about the many benefits of having a hobby as an adult!

Relieves Stress

Having a hobby is a great way to shift focus from stressful things in our lives, to things that we enjoy spending our time on.

Many hobbies are naturally stress reducing such as playing guitar, meditation or going for a walk.

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Gives You a Sense of Purpose

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.”

Winston S. Churchill

Hobbies and leisure activities in our free time offer unique avenues into determining what our purpose is.

Pursuing something that is meaningful to you and doing it with passion is the best way to find and define your purpose.

photo: Jamie Street

Presents New Challenges & Experiences

Pursuing our hobbies offers new and exciting opportunities that we may not have the chance to experience otherwise.

When we challenge ourselves with our hobbies, we put ourselves into situations that offer us the new and rewarding opportunities.

man flying a kite against blue sky; kite flying hobby
photo credit: Susn Dybvik

Improves Problem Solving Abilities

Problem solving takes continuous practice like anything else, if you want to get good at it!

A unique hobby helps you practice problem solving in creative ways that your job and family life may not.

Going through the steps of learning new skills and figuring out the holes in your knowledge along the way will improve your problem solving skills slowly but surely.

The more ways you practice problem solving, the better suited you’ll be for new problems in the future.


As you spend time pursuing your hobby, naturally you will see your skills improve over time.

You will learn how to problem solve and handle difficult tasks in new and exciting ways. These lessons bleed into other areas of life.

benefits of hobbies; weight lifter dead lifting weights about head
photo credit: Victor Freitas

Learn about the World and your Community

Having a hobby naturally boosts our curiosity about the world and people in our community.

To learn more about your hobby you may join a local group, communicate in an online forum or go to events with other like-minded people.

Naturally the more time you spend communicating with others, the more you learn about the world.

Learn about Yourself

Pursuing a hobby that interests you helps you to learn about yourself.

You will learn how you learn, how you perceive problems, and ultimately the things that you find worthwhile.

Taking the time to pursue your interest and engage in your passions will ultimately lead you to a better understanding of who you are and who you want to be!

Enrich Your Life

Having a hobby is a great way to enrich your life and keeps your free time exciting and unique. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes.

Having a hobby to turn to will keep things interesting and open many doors to make you a more wholesome and well-rounded person.

woman and man holding hands, looking at each other. woman is wearing headphones.  Outdoors
photo credit: Nicholas Githiri

Provide Extra Income

Many people have hobbies that have the potential to make them some extra cash on the side!

We recommend being careful with this; you don’t want the thing that you love to do to end up feeling like work!

That said, if you can find balance between enjoying your hobby and profit…Go for it!

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Promotes Mindfulness and Flow

Flow, or being “in the zone“, is a state of being where you are fully immersed in what you are doing.

Rock climbers experience this when they are climbing. They aren’t thinking about their taxes, what’s for dinner, or work tomorrow. They are fully immersed in climbing and thinking about the rock they are holding onto.

This state can be achieved in many hobbies, when you are totally focused on the task that you have presented yourself with.

Learn more about flow state here:

Prompts “Good Stress” (Eustress)

Eustress, or “good stress” is the feeling we get when we are eager and excited about something we are doing. We feel “stres” but there is no harm or danger present.

The butterflies in your stomach before you perform at an open mic, or pre-race jitters before your first 5k race are both “Eustress”.

“Eustress helps us stay motivated, work toward goals, and feel good about life

Dr. Michael Genovese

Boosts Confidence & Self-Esteem

As your skills improve at your chosen hobby, you may become more confident in other aspects of life as a result.

Working hard at improving your skills in your hobby will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

woman hiking, standing at the end of an outlook looking at mountains with her hands up
photo credit: Nina Uhlikova

Helps Reduce Depression

Finding meaning and passion in a hobby or pastime can reduce depressive symptoms in adults.

This is especially with hobbies relating to physical fitness or exercise. Exercises like hiking or walking release endorphins which naturally reduce depressive symptoms.

"Exercise and leisure activities (social and self-focused) are receiving increasing attention as alternative non-pharmacological approaches to treating depression." Source

Helps Strengthen Relationships

Hobbies are great when shared with our partners! Find a pastime or leisure activity that you both enjoy and make some memories together!

According to a 2014 study, “Adults with higher quality social relationships may be motivated to engage in health-promoting behaviors such as leisure activity and, in turn, reap more health benefits. Their social networks may value and so encourage participation in leisure activities as a vehicle to maintain health…”

Make New Friends

Getting involved in the community that surrounds your hobby is a great way to make new friends!

Find like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as you by joining a club, a forum on Reddit, or a social group through MeetUp.com.

five women laughing together on the sidewalk

Can Keep You Physically Fit

Many hobbies such as snowshoeing, hiking and skiing are also great for your physical fitness.

There are so many hobbies out there that can improve your physical fitness and be enjoyable at the same time.

Find a hobby you enjoy doing and you may trick yourself into getting a stellar workout!

Makes You a More Interesting Person

No one wants to hear about how you went to work, came home watched television and then went to bed. Sure we all have days like that, but having a hobby that you are passionate about will make you a more interesting person!

Enrich your life and learn new skills with a hobby if for no other reason than to make yourself jus a little more interesting at parties.

There are countless benefits to having a hobby that we could not possibly cover them all here.

That said, we hope you recognize how important it is to have a hobby as an adult and to continue learning new things and growing as a person.

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