10 Perfect Hobbies for Extroverts

Are you an extrovert looking for a new hobby? Or maybe you’re an introvert looking to stretch your comfort zone?

If so, our list of hobbies for extroverts may have just what you’re looking for!

1. Take a Dancing Class

Dancing is one of our favorite hobbies for extroverts!

Check out a local dance studio and see what classes they have to offer…

Classes can range from beginner to advanced in a variety of dance styles including tango, cha-cha, salsa or hip-hop.

Pick a dance style you’re interested in, start slow and be sure to practice in your free time.

Take a class with a friend or loved one, or go by yourself and socialize with fellow dancers in your class!

people jumping in the air, motion at a dancing class. best hobbies for extroverts including taking dance classes
photo credit: Michael Zittel

2. Join an Adult Sports League

For many adults, team sports are a thing of the past. Nonsense!

Joining an Adult Sports League is a great hobby for extroverts looking to meet new people, get fit and have fun doing it.

Whether you’re interested in softball, volleyball, soccer or even dodgeball, most communities offer adult sports leagues throughout the year for relatively cheap!

group of men playing soccer, group meeting in a circle talking between game. adult sports league as one of best hobbies for extroverts

3. Start a Band

Are you an extrovert with musical talent?

Get a group of fellow musicians together and start a band!

Find fellow musicians by going to local shows, posting on Craigslist / Facebook or bulletin boards at local music stores.

Don’t play an instrument? Check out our music hobby guides to get started learning a new instrument today…

photo credit: Keagan Henman

4. Trivia Nights

Many bars, breweries and restaurants host weekly trivia nights!

Get a group of friends together and compete at your local brewery while learning something new.

Trivia Nights are a great hobby for extroverts to get together, socialize and enjoy some friendly competition!

Rather have a trivia game night at home? Check out Trivillenial, a trivia board game for millennials available from Amazon.

group of adults gathered at a table answering questions at trivia night.  Trivia nights are one of the best hobbies for extroverts for a social night out

5. Amateur Theatre

Do you fancy yourself a thespian?

Join your community theatre and try out for a local play!

You don’t need to be a professional to get some stage time and hone your skills as an actor or actress.

Go to the nearest theatre in your area and ask around if there are any auditions coming up!

man and woman dancing in front of purple background and orchestra

6. Open Mic Nights

Have a poem you’d like to share?

Have you written a song that you’d like to perform?

Jokes you would like to tell?

Performing at an open mic night is a great hobby for extroverts to get out and socialize while sharing their creative pursuits with the world!

Many coffee shops hold weekly open mic nights and most comedy clubs have an amateur night for newbies.

We recommend checking out an open mic night as a spectator first, getting the vibe of the place and then plan your performance for the next week!

Check out openmikes.org to find open mics in your area!

two men playing guitar in front of small crowd at open mic night

7. Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a naturally social leisure activity, making it the perfect hobby for extroverts!

Get together with a group of friends and search up the nearest disc golf course near you.

With the surge in popularity of disc golf, there are more and more disc golf courses popping up all the time.

The Innova Beginners Set with a Driver, Mid-Range and Putter comes highly recommended for beginners! (Available here from Amazon)

man and woman standing behind disc golf chain basket. Watching frisbee going towards basket

8. Volunteering

A great hobby for extroverts is volunteering in your community!

Opportunities include helping out children through the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program, coaching the Special Olympics, or simply cleaning up a community park.

Whatever you chose to do, there are many fun and social opportunities to give back to your community.

Check out our full volunteering post for more resources tips and best practices…

group of young adults volunteering; hobbies for extroverts include volunteering in your community

9. Improv Comedy

Joining an Improv Comedy troupe may be the ultimate hobby for extroverts!

Not only do you need to think on your toes, but there is an immense amount of social interaction and opportunity for performance.

Check out MeetUp.com or other community resources to find an Improv Comedy troupe that you can join or try out for!

empty stage; audience waiting for show to begin. Improv comedy as a hobby for extroverts
photo credit: Monica Silvestre

10. Paintball

Paintball is a great hobby for extroverts to get outdoors, get fit and have some fun competition with friends!

We recommend paintball as an extrovert activity because it can be played either indoors or outdoors, in a variety of playing styles and with tons of friends!

With a bit of paintball gear and playing knowledge you can get started playing paintball fairly quickly!

For beginners, we recommend this Maddog Tippmann Beginner Paintball Gun Package Available from Amazon…

Be sure to wear a face mask and have fun!

Five adult men, in full paintball gear shooting towards the opponents. Paintball hobbies for extroverts to get outdoors and get exercise

Whether you’re and extrovert, introvert or somewhere in between; finding a hobby or pastime you’re passionate about is an important part of living a full and meaningful life.

Hopefully this list of hobbies for extroverts has sparked some new ideas for you to explore and keep learning.

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