Best Hobbies to Meet New People (Make Friends & Try Something New)

Meeting new people can be difficult. The following hobbies and activities are great for getting out there, meeting new people and learning new things!

Adult Sports Leagues  

Why stop playing sports just because you are an adult?  

Adult Sports Leagues make for great lifetime hobbies to get out and meet new people!

Co-ed softball leagues, flag-football, dodgeball and many other sports are a fun and competitive way to stay active and foster new friendships. 

photo: Wan San Yip

Community Education Classes  

Many colleges, high schools and community centers offer evening classes in a variety of topics including photography, drawing, graphic arts, languages, coding, poetry and more…  

Chose a beginner class in a subject that interests you and join likeminded beginners looking to learn something new as well!  

You will have something to talk about with peers in your class and may just make a new friend or study partner.

photo: Priscilla Du Preez

Painting Workshops  

Pottery painting studios offer a wide variety of items to paint and a great way to spend time around others in an open and artistic setting.  

Express yourself creatively while chatting with folks nearby or join a social pottery-painting group offered by many painting studios.  

Also worth checking out are Paint and Pour classes whether you indulge in the drinking aspect of the class or not, they can be a great way to meet new people!  

Open Mic Nights  

Whether you decide to perform or not, attending an open mic at your local coffee shop can be a great casual way to meet new people.  

Worst case, you get to hear some interesting local musicians, comedians and poets for a night of fun amateur entertainment.  

Check out to find open mic nights in your areas.

photo: Karori Production

Dog Walking  

Taking your pooch out for a walk may feel like just another part of your daily routine, but dog walking can also be a great hobby for staying active, exploring new local parks and potentially meeting new people!  

Take your dog for a walk in dog parks in your area and strike up a conversation with some fellow dog owners.  

Don’t have a dog? Sign up to be a pet-sitter or dog walker at and maybe make a few extra bucks while taking care of a friendly pooch!

photo: Alex Hay

Book Club  

Starting or joining a book club is a great hobby to meet new people!  

Book clubs are a great consistent way to meet up with people, discuss new and interesting ideas and stay connected in a creative and thought provoking way.  

Many book clubs even meet online so you can make new friends and discuss your favorite books from the comfort of your own home!

Check out to join a virtual book club or even start a group of your own!

photo: Alexis Brown

Hiking / Running Clubs 

Joining a hiking group or local running club is a great hobby for staying fit and meeting new people.  

Working towards a common goal (like running a 5k or hiking a nearby peak) builds strong bonds and can help create powerful memories and friendships.  

Get out there, get moving and meet some new active & motivating people!  

Be sure to read up on the 10 Hiking Essentials to Pack for Every Adventure before heading out onto the hiking trail.

photo: Greg Rosenke


Volunteering is a great hobby for meeting new people while giving back to your community.  

Join a cause that is important to you to feel fulfilled, help with local needs in your community and meet kind, likeminded people.  

Check out our full post on volunteering as a hobby here…

photo: May Gauthier

Trivia Nights  

Many bars and restaurants do weekly Trivia Nights!  

This can be a great way to get a group of friends together and enjoy some light competition while chatting with other groups. 

 Keep it fun and learn something new while meeting other groups of trivia enthusiasts.  

photo: Sean Benesh

Exercise / Yoga Classes  

Attending weekly exercise group or yoga class is a great hobby to stay fit and meet new people!  

Strike up a conversation with peers in your yoga class and maybe grab a coffee after class.  

Groups are often small enough to get to know each other and bond through the shared struggle of a tough class!     

photo: Gabin Vallet

Cooking Classes  

The interactive nature of a group cooking class makes it the perfect way to get out there and meet new people.  

Not to mention the added benefit of learning a new recipe and improving your skills in the kitchen.  

photo: Edgar Castrejon

Rock Climbing  

Rock climbing is social and interactive in its nature as it is very much a team activity.  

Discuss the route you are working on, offer to belay for someone and chat about all things rock climbing.  

The local rock climbing gym can be a great place to meet new people, some of whom might be planning some fun adventures in the future.   

Check out our full post here if you are thinking about getting into rock climbing!

photo: yns plt

Getting out there and meeting new people can be a daunting task. Be kind to yourself and others, don’t force interactions and of course… have fun!

We highly recommend searching for groups in your area on or starting a group of your own!

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