Free Hobbies | Inexpensive Hobby Ideas for People On a Budget

Check out these great free hobbies to save money while still enjoying your leisure time. Great free activities and hobbies for everyone!


Reading is a classic go-to hobby great for anyone with a little spare time and a thirst for knowledge…

Go to your local library and pick up that latest bestseller or an old classic and get started reading great books for free!

Did you know that many libraries now offer audiobook rentals for free? (Amazon’s Audible offers a free 30-day trial as well, check out their current deal here…)

free hobby reading, young girl on couch reading a book
photo: Matias North


Walking, hiking and urban exploring are all great ways to get out into the world, see new places and get some exercise all for free.

Spend time with a friend or loved one while exploring local parks, trails and points of interest in your city!

Check out our post on walking here for a full list of benefits, resources and helpful tips!

free hobby walking man on beach dirt road
photo: Francisco Gonzalez

Learn a Language

Learning a new language is an excellent free hobby to challenge yourself and learn about other cultures…

Take a community education class, join a language conversation group, or learn a variety of languages with online language learning platforms like Duolingo.

Learning a language is a great way to spend your free time and you can see improvements quickly with daily practice and dedication.

We recommend the following websites and apps to learn a new language:

man reading a book in the park; learning a language
photo: Tamarcus Brown

Write Poetry

Writing poetry is an excellent free hobby to process emotions and express yourself creatively.

All you need to get started is a pen, paper and a little inspiration.

Consistently practice various poetry styles and rhyming structures and you will be well on your way to scribing beautifully structured poems you can be proud of.

Check out the subreddit r/poetry to get involved in an active community of fellow poets and writers.

close up of right hand writing in a book
photo: fotografierende


Meditating daily has been shown to reduce stress, increase focus and even lower blood pressure.

Best of all it is a simple, free hobby that can be done almost anywhere!

Check out our full post on the benefits of daily meditation…

young girl with hands together meditating on an autumn day
photo: Omid Armin


Yodeling is a form of singing which involves repeated and rapid changes of pitch between the low-pitch chest register and the high-pitch head register or falsetto.” – Wikipedia

Yodeling is a unique singing style popular in the southern United States bluegrass, americana and folk music scenes.

With a lot of practice, experimentation and wild noises you too can become a yodel master.

Take your first free yodeling lesson from Cassidy Rose Graves here:


Use your skills, knowledge and compassion to give back to your community!

Start with your current interests and hobbies and look for ways in your community to teach, coach or lend a helping hand however you are able.

Check out our full post on volunteering here for tips, resources and volunteering ideas…

group of volunteers bagging groceries
photo: Joel Muniz


With the rise of online marketplaces like Ebay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, selling items online has never been easier.

Check out the free section on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace or if you’re adventurous do a little dumpster diving.

Treasures are out there waiting to be found, refurbished and sold to someone else!

Check out other ways to make money at our full side hustles post here…

man looking through albums at a garage sale
photo: Clem Onojeghuo

Listen to Podcasts

Explore your interests, learn something new or engage in interesting stories with your favorite podcast.

Podcasts are an excellent free hobby for people to experience while exercising or engaging in other hobbies or while on your daily commute.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world, you can start your own podcast for free as well! Starting a podcast is a great free hobby for building community, spreading your message and playing with technology.

man in city area walking with headphones
photo: Ross Sneddon


Sudoku puzzles are a fun free hobby for people of all ages to challenge their minds and sharpen their deductive reasoning skills.

Fill in each box, row and column with the numbers 1-9 consecutively by using the process of elimination.

Check out for a wild amount of free sudoku printables and all difficulty levels!

overhead view of older woman doing free hobby sudoku puzzle
photo: Tom Leishman


Chess is an excellent pastime for folks looking to challenge themselves cognitively and enjoy a competitive game with a friend.

No chess board? No friends? Check out to play for free online with other competitors or against the computer!

close up view of free hobby chess table with sun ray
photo: Tono Graphy


“Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines, using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.”Wikipedia

This musical hobby is perfect for anyone with interest in beats, hiphop and rap culture. Beatboxing is the perfect hobby for music lovers on-the-go or on a budget.

Take your first free beatboxing lesson with Spencer X here:

Hopefully this list of free hobbies has got some ideas flowing for your next favorite pastime!

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