How to Say the Word “Hobbies” In 30 Different Languages

Check out our list of the word “hobbies” translated into the 30 most spoken languages worldwide!

Whether you’re a polyglot eager to expand your vocabulary, or simply curious about the linguistic diversity of our planet, join us as we explore the word “hobbies” in the 30 most commonly spoken languages worldwide.

Let’s weave through the cultures, from Mandarin Chinese to Gujarati, and see how the world says “hobbies“.

Please note that some languages might not have a direct translation of the word “hobbies”, but instead refer to it in a different manner (for example, “free time activities”).

Mandarin Chinese爱好 (àihào)
Hindiशौक (śauk)
SpanishPasatiempos / Aficiones
FrenchLoisirs / Passetemps
Standard Arabicهوايات (hawayat)
Bengaliশখ (śokha)
RussianХобби (Hobbi)
PortuguesePassatempos / Hobbies
Urduمشغلہ (Mashghala)
Japanese趣味 (Shumi)
Marathiछंद (Chand)
Teluguహాబీలు (Hābīlu)
Korean취미 (Chwimi)
Tamilபொழுதுபோக்குகள் (Poluthupokkukal)
ItalianHobby / Passatempi
Punjabiਸ਼ੌਕ (Shauk)
Thaiงานอดิเรก (Ngān xdirek)
VietnameseSở thích
Persianسرگرمی ها (sargarmiha)
GreekΧόμπι (Hómpi)
Gujaratiશોખ (śōkh)

This is not merely about learning new words, but also appreciating the unique beauty inherent in each language and how it reflects cultural nuances.

We hope that these translations enrich your interactions, open up conversations, and perhaps inspire you to explore a new hobby or two!

As we continue to celebrate our world’s incredible linguistic diversity, remember that no matter how you say it, hobbies unite us in joy, creativity, and the shared pursuit of passion.

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