Simple Hobbies for Boosting Brain Health (Fitness for Your Mind!) 

Most hobbies are beneficial for us in more ways than one. The following hobbies are a few of our favorites for staying sharp and improving your overall brain health!

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Brain Teasers  

Brain teaser puzzles like a Rubik’s Cube are perfect to take with you anywhere and keep your mind-sharp on the go.  

Sharpen your thinking process, stimulate creative problem solving and exercise your mind with these fun brain-teaser games…  

Crossword / Word Search Puzzles

Word Search puzzles and Crossword puzzles are a great simple hobby for keeping your mind and eye-sight sharp.  

Search for words to improve your vocabulary and increase your problem solving abilities.  

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Creative Writing

Whether you enjoy songwriting, poetry, short stories or journaling, there is sure to be a writing style that suites your interests.  

Creative writing is an excellent hobby to expand your creativity, express your emotions and improve your communication abilities.  

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Learn Design

Learning a new creative skill and sharpening your creative eye with skills like photography, painting or design are excellent for brain health.

Learning design online is easier than ever with courses, youtube and various design tools like Photoshop, Canva and Figma all available online.

photo: NordWood Themes

Jigsaw Puzzles  

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent hobby to pass the time with friends or on your own.  

There are many benefits of doing jigaw puzzles including reduced screen time, increased visual-spatial reasoning and improved short-term memory.

Check out our article here for a full list of benefits while having fun with jigsaw puzzles here…  

photo: Mel Poole


Whether it’s yoga, walking, hiking, sports or martial arts, exercise is an excellent way to boost your brain health.  

There are a multitude of physical health benefits to exercise as well,  but regular exercise is also great for improving your cognition & mood, sharpening hand-eye coordination and improving your judgment skills.  

photo: Lucas van Oort

Learn a New Language  

Learning a new language has wide array of mental benefits including improved memory, enhanced problem solving skills and improved multitasking abilities.  

Check out our full article on learning a new language here for tips and resources.  

photo: Annika Gordon


Regular reading has the power to improve your brain connectivity, concentration and even your ability to empathize with people!  

Reading is a great brain-boosting hobby for people of all ages and is one of our most recommended hobbies, sneaking it’s way into most of our articles.  

Check out our full article on reading here for a list of benefits, tips and book recommendations.  

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Knitting is an excellent hobby for boosting brain health, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and even slowing the onset of dementia.  

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photo: Giulia Bertelli

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Learn a New Instrument  

Learning a new instrument is the perfect hobby for people of all ages to increase their memory, attention and concentration.  

Not to mention playing an instrument is a lifelong creative skill that can increase life satisfaction and foster increased social interaction.   

Check out our list of music hobbies here or our list of quirky instruments to learn something out of the ordinary!

photo: Vstretimsya Na Rassvete

Hopefully our list of hobbies for your brain health has inspired you to keep trying new things! Looking for more hobbies?

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