8 Great Hobbies for Mothers & Daughters

Check out our list of hobby suggestions for mothers and daughters to spend quality time together, make memories and learn something new!


Yoga is a great hobby for you and your daughter to stay active, learn good habits and to spend quality time together!

Whether you decide to attend a community yoga class together, follow along with Youtube videos or make up your own routines you’ll be sure to make some great memories and establish healthy habits together.

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mother and daughter doing yoga in family room
photo: Kamaji Ogino

Spa Nights

Treat each other to weekly spa nights: Paint each others nails, use face masks, listen to relaxing music…The whole shebang!

Teaching your daughter about proper self-care and regularly treating herself will instill great health habits and memories for years to come.

mother and daughter spa night hobby
photo: Gustavo Fring


Teaching your daughter all the recipes and baking techniques you learned over the years will certainly be appreciated when she grows up.

Baking is a great hobby for mothers and daughters to bond, create and eat together all the while being simple and fun!

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mother and daughter baking in the kitchen; baking hobby
photo: Katerina Holmes


Crochet and knitting is a wonderful hobby for mothers and daughters to create gifts for other family members and learn a new and useful lifelong skill!

Make scarves, hats, mittens and more with a fun and useful crochet hobby…

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white background with balls of yarn
photo: Karen Penroz


Hiking out into the wild and enjoying all that nature has to offer is a great hobby for mothers and daughters.

There are a multitude of benefits to gain from hiking including increased endurance, cardiovascular health and of course beautiful photos!

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mother and daughter looking over yosemite valley
photo: Nathan Dumlao


What better way to bond and create memories with your daughter than by spending an afternoon in the park?

Pack up your favorite food and snacks, bring a book, some music and games and enjoy an afternoon picnic in the park together. Make picnics a tradition to look forward to and plan for!

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overhead view of mother and daughter having a picnic reading a book
photo: Liana Mikah

Video Games

In our increasingly digital world, a great hobby for mothers the daughters to increase their hand-eye coordination, learn new skills and have fun is by playing video games together.

Whether playing learning games on a tablet or racing games on the Xbox, video games can be a great way for any mother to bond with their daughters in a fun and memorable way.

Check out our full post on video games here, for beginners resources tips, and gear recommendations…

mother with toddler and baby sitting on a couch looking at a tablet.  Hobby for mothers and daughters playing video games
photo: Alexander Dummer

Write Letters

Teaching compassion and gratitude by writing letters to friends and loved ones is a great hobby for mothers and daughters to explore together.

Not only is this a great skill for young women to learn, it is also a great way to keep in touch with loved ones in a creative and thoughtful way.

young girl writing a letter to santa with multi color pens
photo: cottonbro

Of course this is not a comprehensive list of hobbies for mothers and daughters. Hopefully our list of fun hobby ideas have gotten some ideas flowing!

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