8 Great Hobbies for Fathers & Sons!

Make memories, grow your relationship and learn something new with an exciting new hobby…

1. Drone Flying

Find a field or park nearby and start flying!

Make memories with your sons while learning the basics of drone flying, aerial photography or videography.

Drones aren’t as expensive or difficult to fly as you may think and are a great way to spend time together outdoors.

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photo: Caleb Woods

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is a great father and son hobby to enjoy the great outdoors and make memories together in an adventurous way.

Whether you’re going out for an hour on the lake or a multi-day river rafting trip, kayaking is a fun and adventurous hobby for all to enjoy.

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photo: Ali Kazal

3. Archery

Teach your son about discipline, focus and consistency all while learning a new and fun skill.

Archery is a great hobby for fathers and sons to explore together and is simple enough to set up in your own backyard! (Be safe and check your community resources for regulations about archery in your area)

Along with being a great bonding activity for fathers and sons, archery is also a great hobby for improving hand-eye coordination. Check out other fun hobbies great for improving hand-eye coordination here…

photo: Kampus Production

4. Woodworking

Woodworking is a great hobby for fathers and sons to learn tool basics, attention to detail and working with your hands.

Creating something from scratch that will last a lifetime is a great way to bond and make memories together.

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photo: Cleyder Duque

5. Rock Climbing / Bouldering

Rocking climbing is a lifetime sport and an excellent hobby for fathers and sons to build strength and problem solving skills.

If you are looking to get started, we recommend visiting a rock climbing gym in your area, booking an introductory belay class or simply playing around on the bouldering wall.

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photo: Allan Mas

6. Practice Sports

Practicing a sport together is a fantastic way for fathers and sons to spend time together while staying active.

Going to the tennis courts, hitting golf balls at the driving range or shooting hoops at the local gym are all great sport hobbies to explore together.

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photo: Gustavo Fring

7. Backpacking

Foster a sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors by introducing your son to the backcountry!

Backpacking and hiking trips will create lifelong memories and instill an appreciation for self-sufficiency and the wilderness for years to come.

Whether you’re going out for a quick over night or a multi-day adventure, don’t forget these 10 Hiking Essentials!

photo: Eric Sanman

8. Chess

Chess is a great hobby for fathers and sons to practice strategic thinking, pattern recognition and positive sportsmanship.

Spend quality time face-to-face with a bit of friendly competition while learning the exciting and classic character building game of chess.

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photo: Vlada Karpovich

Hopefully our list of hobbies for fathers and sons has given you some new ideas to explore and learn something new!

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