RETIREMENT ACTIVITIES (Hobby Ideas for Your Golden Years)

Starting or maintaining fulfilling hobbies and activities in retirement is important for your overall well-being!

Activities that can improve your physical, mental, social and emotional health are important at all stages of life.

Check out our full list of retirement activities and hobbies below. Be sure to check out the helpful tips and resources for more information!

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“A” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
ActivismGet out there and advocate for a cause that is important to you!
Adult Sport LeaguesPlaying sports offers both social and physical benefits while also being super fun!
AntiquingFind hidden treasures and new beautiful pieces of furniture, jewelry, art while getting out and about.
AquariumKeeping an aquarium is a fun and relaxing hobby in retirement and is also beautiful to look at!
ArcheryIncrease your hand-eye coordination, practice mindfulness and become a sharpshooter.
AstronomyThe Celestron – AstroMaster 130EQ Newtonian Telescope is a highly-rated telescope perfect for beginner astronomy buff.
Automobile MaintenanceNow that you are retired, you’ll have plenty of time to tinker in the garage all day long!
retirement activities auto maintenance black and white man working under car
“B” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
BabysitTake the grandchildren for the weekend and make some quality core memories to last a lifetime!
BadmintonCheck out the line of Badminton gear available from here for all the gear you’ll need to get started!
BakingTaking the time to perfect your muffin, cookie, cake and scone recipes is a great way to spend your free time in retirement!
Ballroom DancingCheck out this helpful article from to learn the basics and various styles of Ballroom Dance.
BanjoCheck out our full article on learning the banjo with tips, gear and practice recommendations!
Barbecuing Get the family together for a wonderful meal in the backyard! Cook everything you’ll need with The Original Wood Pellet Grill from Traeger Grills.
Beach CombingWalk the beach and look for hidden or lost treasures. Step up your beach-combing skills with a metal detector!
BilliardsBilliards and pool halls are a great place to improve your hand-eye coordination and socialize with peers during retirement.
BingoPlaying bingo is a fun way to socialize with friends during retirement. Check out to find bingo game nights in your area.
BirdwatchingCheck out our full article on Birdwatching for tips, resources and best practices.
BloggingShare your knowledge and experiences online by starting a blog! There are great tools out there for hosting your blog, a few we recommend include Weebly,
Bluehost and SquareSpace.
Board GamesGet a board game night going with friends! Play the classics like Monopoly or Risk or grab something random from the store and learn something new!
Bocce BallBocce Ball is a classic backyard game, fun for the whole family. Pick up this Quality Bocce Ball Set available from Amazon here…
BonsaiGrow your own bonsai tree at home and tend to its beauty and growth. Check out this 17 year old Bonsai tree available from Amazon here…
Book ClubsRead your favorite books and get together with friends to discuss your thoughts! Check out to find a book club in your area.
BowlingJoin a bowling league or go to open bowl to socialize and work on your upper body strength in retirement!
Bread MakingBake your own bread at home! Give the gift of bread and share your loaves with friends and family. Check out this high-quality KBS Large 17-in-1 Bread Machine, 2LB All Stainless Steel Bread Maker.
Build a GuitarCheck out’s Guitar Building Kit to build your very own custom electric guitar!
baking bread retirement hobby
photo: Alonso Romero
“C” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
CalligraphyPractice the beautification of your handwriting with a calligraphy hobby!
CampingSpending time in the outdoors in retirement! Check out for all of your camping gear needs!
Candle Making  Make your own candles in retirement! Pick up this useful Candle Making Kit available from Amazon here…
CanoeingHeading out on the river on a canoe trip is a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends in retirement.
Card GamesGetting together with friends for a weekly card game night is a fun way to stay social and engaged with friends during retirement.
CasinosMake a trip to the casino! Check out the nearest casino in your area and make a day of it. is a great place to play online against strangers or the computer!
City ToursTake a tour of your nearest city! You are bound to learn something new and have some tidbits to share with family and friends.
Coffee Shop HoppingCheck out all of the coffee shops in your area and pick your favorite. Become a regular and read the paper there 🙂
CollageCollect a bunch of old magazines and create unique collage art.
CollectingCollect stamps, coins, bottles, whatever you enjoy!
ColoringInvest in a few quality adult coloring books and listen to your favorite music. This is a great way to relax during retirement.
Comic BooksFind a comic book series that you enjoy and dive in! Check out Comic Book Resources to learn more…
Computer GamesPlay some computer games, ipad games or phone games in your free time!
ConcertsGoing to see live music is a great way to spend your evenings in retirement. Check out who’s playing in your area over at
CookingLearn to cook new recipes
CouponingYou’ve got the extra time in retirement to truly hunt down the best deals. Clip those coupons and safe some cash!
CraftingMake things in retirement! Get creative with The Crafter Box subscription and receive ready-to-go craft boxes right to your home!
CrochetingStart a new hobby of crocheting! Check out Annies Hook & Needle Kit Club to get all the supplies you need on a monthly basis.
Cross-StitchCross-stitch is a form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture. 
Crossword PuzzlesStay busy, sharp and improve your vocabulary with The Wall Street Journal Premium Sunday Crosswords: 72 AAA-Rated Puzzles available from Amazon…
CruisesYou’re retired! Head out on a worry free cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska or Europe!
CyclingHit the road and see the town on a cruiser bike. Get your workout in the for the day and enjoy your newfound free time in retirement. Check out the full collection of bikes available from Dick’s Sporting Goods here…
cycling hobby in retirement
photo: Nguyen Thu Hoai
“D” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
DancingJust because you’re retired doesn’t mean your dancing days are behind you! Take a dancing class or head out to the club and get wild.
DartsRetirement is a great time to finally get that dart board set up in the basement. Check out this highly-rated Classic Dart Board available from Amazon here…
DominoesDominoes is a fun game to pass the time during retirement. Great for a mental workout and light competition!
DrawingKick start your drawing skills with an online drawing class at SkillShare!
Drone FlyingFly drones for the fun of it and take awesome footage from the sky! DJI Drones will get you geared up and ready to fly with all the gear you’ll need.
dart board retirement hobby
photo: Erik Mclean
“E” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
E-BikesE-bikes are a great way to explore your community without getting worn out! We recommend Charge E-Bikes for their quality, long range and durability.
EmbroideryCheck out this highly-rated Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine available from Amazon.
EtsyEtsy is the go-to way to sell your creations online! If you create things and are looking to make a little extra cash in retirement, Etsy is the place to get started!
EuchreEuchre is a popular card game for two to four players, usually played with the thirty-two highest cards, the aim being to win at least three of the five tricks played. Pick up this handy Euchre Set from Amazon to get started.
ExerciseStaying fit during retirement is important for your physical, mental and emotional health! Check out our Huge List of Physical Hobbies for more ideas…
woman running on path
photo: Jozsef Hocza
“F” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
FencingStay physically fit and learn fencing in retirement. Learn the fascinating history of fencing here before getting started.
Fish KeepingGet an aquarium going in your home and take care of exotic fish in retirement.
FishingGet out to the lake and reel in a beast! Pick up all the fishing gear you’ll ever need from
Fitness ClassesCheck out your local community center or gym and take a fitness class to stay healthy in retirement!
ForagingHead out into the woods and forage for your own food. Mushrooms, Berries, Dandelions etc… Be sure to check for safety and best practices.
Furniture BuildingPut your woodworking skills to use and craft your own furniture creations. Check out this Simple Furniture Building Introduction Class available from SkillShare.
man fishing on the river, retirement hobby
photo: Léonard Cotte
“G” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
GardeningTending to a garden is a great hobby for retirement to spend time outdoors, work with your hands and grow your own food.
GenealogyTrack your family history and share it for generations to come. Online tools like and are places to get started.
Glass BlowingGlass blowing is a creative hobby great for newly retired folks. Take a glass blowing class and see if this exciting, creative hobby is right for you.
GolfGolfing is the ultimate retirement hobby. Get out on the links and spend time outdoors in retirement. Get all the golfing gear you need from
GuitarLearning the guitar is great creative hobby in retirement.
Pick up a new guitar from to get started…
close up of man playing guitar
photo: Ahmed Rizkhaan
“H” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
HammockingTake a hammock to the park and relax while reading a good book! Check out for their full line of Eno hammocks here…
HarmonicaMost people start learning the harmonica by playing a Key of C harmonica like this Classic Lee Oskar here…
HikingHiking is a great way to stay active in retirement. Don’t forget the Ten Hiking Essentials before hitting the trail!
Home BrewingBrew your own beer from home in retirement! Check out the Northern Brew – Essential Brewer Kit from Amazon for everything you need to get started…
HorseshoesHorseshoes is a classic backyard game for people of all ages. Get a group of friends together or join a horseshoe club in your community.
House SwapSwap houses with someone for a unique vacation and temporary living arrangement. Check out for more information on getting started.
HuntingHead out into the wilderness and bring home some meat for the family. Be sure to follow local, state and federal guidelines and safety before hunting.
hiking in the mountains retirement activity
photo: Toomas Tartes
“I” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Ice FishingLooking for a relaxing winter hobby to spend time outdoors! Head to the lake and get into ice fishing in retirement. Check out the quality ice fishing gear available from here to get started.
IllustrationTry playing with illustration tools like Adobe Illustrator to play around and get creative on your Ipad!
InventingWith your newfound free time in retirement, spend time working on your invention ideas.
InvestingDespite being retired, it is still important to monitor and track your investments. Looking for a new investing ecosystem? Check out what all the kids are talking about and invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.
investing computer and phone
photo: Aidan Hancock
“J” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Jaw HarpCheck out our full article on learning the jaw harp here…
Jewelry MakingFocus your attention and improve your hand-eye coordination while making beautiful pieces of jewelry!
Jigsaw PuzzlesCheck out our full article on jigsaw puzzles here for tips, resources and recommendations.
JournalingJournaling is a great way to process emotions and keep track of your thoughts during retirement.
JujitsuJujitsu is a family of Japanese martial arts and a system of close combat that can be used in an offensive or defensive manner.
journaling retirement activity
“K” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
KarateStay fit and work on your self-defense skills in retirement by working toward your blackbelt in Karate.
KayakingKayaking is a fun hobby in retirement to get outdoors and spend some quality time on the water. Check out these awesome kayaks available from!
KendamaCheck out our full article on the awesome handheld kendama toy here…
Kite FlyingHead out on a nice windy day and enjoy some kite flying in retirement!
Knife MakingDid you know that you can make knives at home? Knife making is an interesting, niche hobby to explore in retirement. Check out for more information.
KnittingKnitting sweaters, socks and hats for loved ones is a great hobby for retirement. Get started with Annies Hook & Needle Kit Club subscription for all the yarn and patterns you may need.
Knot TyingCheck out The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots to get started!
Kombucha BrewingBrewing kombucha from home is easier than you might think! Get started with the Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit available from Amazon here…
knitting hobby for retirement
photo: Marina Ermakova
“L” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Language LearningLearning a new language in retirement is a great way to challenge yourself and stay sharp! Apps like Rocket Languages,
Rosetta Stone and Memrise are a great place to start.
LapidaryLapidary is the practice of shaping stone, minerals, or gemstones into decorative items such as cabochons, engraved gems, and faceted designs.
Latte ArtNow that you’re retired, you finally have time to indulge and savor your morning coffee. Experiment with Latte Art and get yourself a high-quality espresso machine!
Learn an InstrumentLearning a new instrument is a fun hobby in retirement to improve your hand-eye coordination and creativity skills. Browse and see what instrument looks fun for you!
Leather CraftingMake wallets, purses, pouches and more with a leather crafting hobby. Check out this Leather Crafting Kit from Amazon to get started…
Listen to AudiobooksListening to audiobooks is a great way to stay up to date on your reading while being able to do other things! Get started with Audible for FREE here!
Listen to MusicListening to music and enjoying your favorite records is a great, relaxing hobby for retirees.
Listen to PodcastsListening to podcasts is a great way to take a deep dive into your interests and learning new things.
overhead view of bluetooth headphones
“M” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Macramé  Macramé is a creative hobby perfect for making gifts for friends and family. Learn the basics of Macramé with a SkillShare course here…
Magic TricksLearning magic tricks is a great hobby for impressing the grandkids and making amazing memories! Check out Penn & Teller Teach the Art of Magic from Masterclass here…
MeditationThere are tons of mental health benefits to consistent / routine meditation. Check out our list of meditation benefits here…
Memory TrainingCheck out these free memory training games from to stay sharp as you age!
Metal DetectingMetal detecting is an exciting hobby for spending time outside and getting your steps in. You might even find some lost valuables! Check out our full metal detecting article here…
MindfulnessSlow down, focus on your breath and learn the art of mindfulness in retirement. Check out our list of Free Meditation Apps to help in your process.
MixologyTake a mixology class and learn to make your own delicious beverages! Check out these Introductory Mixology Classes available at!
Model AirplanesBuilding model airplanes is a fun activity in retirement to build something creative and work with your hands.
MölkkyMölkky is a fun and competitive backyard game for the whole family. Read all about it here…
MotorcyclesTaking trips on the motorcycle is a great way to see new towns and travel on the open road.
Museum VisitingDid you know that many museums offer free or deeply discounted admission to Seniors? Check out this article from to find the best museum discount in your area.
museum visiting as retirement hobby
photo: Amy-Leigh Barnard
“N” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Nail ArtNail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish nails. It is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails, usually after manicures or pedicures.
Needle PointCheck out this informative Beginner’s Needle Point Class available from here to learn the basics.

“O” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Online LearningCheck out our article Learning New Hobbies (Best Platforms to Learn Skills Online) to learn something new from the comfort of your home!
OrganizingTake this time during retirement to stay organized or help others to organize their life and possessions.
OrigamiLearning the basics of origami is a fun hobby in retirement to stay creative and learn something new. Pick up some basic Origami Paper to get started.
close up of origami on table
photo: David Rodrigues
“P” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
PaintingCheck out this useful Acrylic Painting Course from Craftsy to learn the basics!
Part-Time WorkStaying motivated and busy during retirement is important. Though you may no longer need the paycheck, working part-time may be a good way to socialize and do something that you enjoy during retirement.
PhotographyPhotography is a great hobby in retirement to capture beautiful moments of family, friends and travel. Check out our list of photography quotes to get inspired and started taking photos.
PhotoshopPhotoshop is a powerful tool for enhancing your photos and making them pop!
Pickle BallPickle Ball is a fun sport / hobby that can be played easily with a group of four people. Stay active in retirement! Pick up all the Pickle Ball gear you need from!
PilatesPilates is a great lifetime exercise for retirees to stay fit. Find a pilates class in your area and have fun with it!
Plant CareKeeping houseplants is a great hobby in retirement to bring some greenery into your life!
PoetryGet yourself a quality notebook and write down some poems. Writing poetry is a creative and cathartic way to express yourself in retirement.
PokerGet a group of friends together for a weekly or monthly Poker night. It is important to stay social in retirement!
PotteryCreate beautiful bowls, cups and trays from hand is a fun and creative hobby for retirement.
PuppetryCheck out and dive into the wild world of puppets.
PyrographyPyrography is the art of burning designs into wood. Check out this highly-rated Pyrography Kit available from Amazon here to get started.
man smiling holding camera outdoors
photo: Kahar Erbol
“Q” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
QuiltingQuilting is a classic hobby in retirement! Make a quilt that will be cherished by family for years to come. Learn the basics of getting started with quilting from this informative Craftsy course here…
“R” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
RacquetballRacquetball is a fast-paced indoor sport great for retiree’s to stay active. Pick up all the racquetball gear you’ll ever need here at!
ReadingReading in retirement is a great hobby for learning new things and relaxing in your leisure time. Check out the Top 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime available from Amazon here…
Record CollectingGet a quality record machine and flesh out your record collection in retirement. Spend time relaxing and listening to your favorite records in retirement. 1byOne Offer a great collection of quality record players if you are in the market for a new one!
Refurbishing Furniture  Find free or gently used furniture and give it new life! Put your care and skills to use to refurbish old furniture to sell or give away.
Remote Control CarsRemote Control Cars are a fun hobby for kids and adults!
Check out this article from to learn the basics of remote control cars for adults.
Rock ClimbingRock climbing is a fun lifelong hobby for improving strength, focus and flow. Check out our rock climbing article here…
RunningRunning or jogging during retirement is a great hobby for staying fit and active. Be sure to stretch!
RVingHead out on the open road! Go camping, see the national parks, be a camp host. Buy, rent and purchase all the RV gear you need here at
RV recreational vehicle retirement hobby sunny
“S” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Sailing Sailing is a great hobby for retirement! Check out to learn how to get started…
Sand ArtSand art is the practice of modeling sand into an artistic form, such as sand brushing, sand sculpting, sand painting, or creating sand bottles. Check out for a relaxing and interactive online sand art game.
SaunaThere are tons of health benefits to routine sauna use including increased metabolism, pain reduction and detoxification. Check out this highly rated Infrared Home Sauna available from Amazon!
ScrapbookingScrapbooking is an excellent way to keep cherished memories in a creative and fun way. Utilize collage, photography and cutting shapes to make beautiful scrapbooks.
SculptingTake a sculpting class at your local community center. Learn how to make beautiful works of art in your retirement.
Seasonal JobsSpend time working seasonal jobs during retirement to stay busy, socialize and see new places. Check out websites like or
Self-Defense ClassesLearn to protect yourself when you’re out and about. Taking the time to learn self-defense in retirement is a fun and useful way to spend your time.
SewingCheck out these easy to follow sewing classes available from to get started.
ShoppingBuying gifts for friends, family or yourself during retirement is a great hobby.
SingingTake a singing class, join a choir or sing in church. Singing during retirement is a fun hobby for expressing yourself musically.
SkiingThere are tons of benefits of downhill skiing. Check out our full list of benefits here…
SnowshoeingSnowshoeing is a great way to spend time outdoors in the winter. Get started with our snowshoeing guide here…
Soap MakingGive the gift of soap! Create your own scents and styles of soap from the comfort of home. Pick up this highly-rated Soap Making Kit from Amazon to get started.
SongwritingPut your creativity and instrumentation skills to the test by writing your first song. Impress the grandkids with a well crafted and lyrically beautiful masterpiece.
Sporting EventsHead to the ballpark, football stadium or ice rink and catch a game. Buy season tickets now that you have the time in retirement! Check out for the best deals on sporting tickets this season.
SproutingGrowing your own broccoli sprouts from home is a simple and sustainable way to grow your own food. Check out our Sprouting article to get started!
Stand-Up Paddle BoardingStand-Up Paddle Boarding is a great hobby in retirement to spend time outdoors and work on your balance. Check out’s full lineup of SUP boards here…
Start a Side HustleMake some extra cash during retirement by doing something you enjoy in your free time. Check out our Start A Side Hustle article for excellent money making ideas.
StorytellingMaster the art of storytelling in retirement. Gather the grandchildren around and tell them the stories of your youth. Check out The Art of Storytelling Masterclass to learn the essentials.
SudokuCheck out for a bunch of free sudoku puzzle printables to get started!
SwimmingSwimming is a great low-impact, lifetime workout! Check out our tips and resources on swimming in retirement here…
swimming retirement activity
photo: Quimcy Dsouza
“T” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Table TennisHaving a ping pong table in the basement is great for you and the gradkids. Check out this highly-rated ping-pong table available from Amazon here…
TaekwondoTaekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts characterized by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on head-height kicks, spinning jump kicks, and fast kicking techniques. 
Tai ChiTai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. Tai chi has practitioners worldwide!
TaxidermyTaxidermy is the art of preserving an animal’s body via mounting (over an armature) or stuffing, for the purpose of display or study. Check out to learn more…
TeachYou’ve gained a lot of wisdom over the years. Share your knowledge with others!
Check out our guide of the Best Websites to Teach Others Online here…
TennisTennis is a fantastic hobby in retirement to stay active and spend time outdoors. Pick up all the Tennis gear you’ll ever need from here…
TerrariumsGrow and nurture small plants in a glass container at home. Check out this Simple Terrarium Starter Kit and beautiful Terrarium Glass Case available from Amazon here…
ThriftingGo to your local thrift shop and find hidden treasures!
TopiaryTopiary is the horticultural practice of training perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, whether geometric or fanciful.
TravelingUse your new found free time in retirement to see the world! Check out the great vacation packages available from JetBlue here…
TutoringUse your wisdom to teach others your skills and hobbies. Tutor in your community or utilize online resources to teach. Check out our article The 7 Best Websites to Teach Your Hobbies Online to get started…
terrarium retirement activity for indoor plant fun
photo: Susanna Marsiglia
“U” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
UpcyclingUpcycling is reusing materials and giving them new life and purpose. Check out for inspiring ideas!
Urban HikingCheck out Mark Cramer’s book Urban Everesting: The 21 Best Hiking Cities in the World for great hiking trip ideas…
UsherBecome an usher for professional sports games! Watch the game, chat with people and work part time! Check out this post from for more information.
“V” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
VacationTake some time to yourself and relax! You’ve earned it… Don’t miss out on Alaska Airlines awesome point deals if you’re traveling in the United States!
Video GamesThere is no time like the present to learn how to play video games. Your grandchildren will be pumped to see that you know how to play the latest Xbox games!
Virtual RealityVirtual Reality is a fun way to escape reality, play games, meditate and so much more!
Volunteer VacationsVolunteer in a new place! PeaceCorp, Workaway, and AmeriCorps are great places to start your research.
VolunteeringGive back to your community! Check out our volunteering article with tips, resources and best practices here…
volunteering retiree moving boxes with son
photo: Ismael Paramo
“W” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
WalkingCheck out local parks, see the sights and spend quality time with loved ones while walking and staying fit. Check out our walking article here for more tips!
Watch DocumentariesLearn something new during retirement while watching documentaries. Check out Paramount + for an impressive collection of documentaries here…
Watercolor PaintingWatercolor painting is a relaxing way to express yourself creatively and practice a fun new skill.
WeavingWorking with your hands and creating woven blankets, coasters, placemats is a great retirement activity all year around.
Weight TrainingWeight training during retirement is a great way to maintain strength and prevent muscle and bone loss during aging.
Whale WatchingHead to the nearest beach and watch for whales! Worst case you’ll see some beautiful sights or catch an awe inspiring sunset.
WhittlingMake small creations out of wood that you can give as gifts to your grandchildren!
Wine MakingDid you know that you can make your own wine at home? Check out this helpful article from for more info!
WoodworkingGet crafty and make something that your family will cherish forever. Check out these beautiful Woodworking Quotes to get inspired!
Word Search PuzzlesWord search puzzles are a great way to stay sharp in retirement! Check out our Hobbies Word Search Book for a huge collection of puzzles to keep you busy 🙂
WritingRetirement is the perfect time to write that book you’ve always wanted to write.
woodworking shop tools
“Y” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Yard GamesCheck out our list of the 10 Best Yard Games for Summer here…
YodelingThere is no better time to learn how to yodel than during retirement! This unique style of singing is sure to impress your friends and family.
YogaYoga is great way to stay limber, loose and flexible during retirement! Take a class at a yoga studio or online with Masterclass here…
“Z” Retirement HobbiesTips & Resources
Zen TanglesZen Tangles are small repetitive pattern drawings with the means of achieving mindfulness and meditation. Check out to learn more.
ZumbaStay fit in retirement with a Zumba class in your community!

Looking for more fun hobby ideas? Check out our Huge List of Popular Hobbies from A to Z here…

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