5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Should Have for Balance & Happiness

Finding balance and happiness in life takes focus and attention. Having various hobbies across different categories can aide you in achieving a well-rounded, balanced & fulfilling lifestyle.

Check out the hobby categories below to get started:

1. A Creative Hobby

Creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, pottery and writing are all great activities for improving brain function, emotional expression and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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Having a creative hobby is a step in the right direction towards a lifelong pursuit of happiness, balance and fulfillment.

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close up of hand creating pottery.  Creative hobbies everyone should have
photo: Andy Kelly

2. A Hobby to Socialize

In aiming for a well-rounded, happy and balanced life it is important to socialize with friends and family.

Finding a hobby that you can enjoy with loved ones is a great way to spend time together, make memories and strengthen relationships.

Some hobbies that we recommend include having a board game night, joining a club or sports league, hiking with friends or volunteering.

The possibilities are endless!

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overhead view of board game play, socializing hobbies
photo: Cotton Bro

3. A Hobby to Stay in Shape

Our bodies are made to move! Find a hobby that gets you outdoors, gets you moving and keeps you in great physical shape.

Whether you enjoy mountain biking, hiking, dancing or simply walking in the park, there are hundreds of hobbies to pursue that will keep you on the move.

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view of man on mountain bike trail, hobbies to stay in shape
photo: Tim Foster

4. A Hobby to Learn

Learning is a life long pursuit! Finding a hobby that can expand your mind and increase your knowledge base is beneficial for people of all ages.

Spending time on hobbies that help you learn may include reading, watching documentaries or learning a new language just to name a few.

Continuous learning throughout life can lead to new opportunities, grow your confidence and overall life satisfaction.

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woman sitting on the floor reading a book; hobbies for learning
photo: Callum Shaw

5. A Hobby That Makes Money

Money isn’t everything, but making it can be fun!

Finding a way to monetize your hobbies while still finding enjoyment and purpose in them is time well spent.

Some hobbies that can bring a bit of side income include starting a blog, investing or selling homemade crafts on Etsy.

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close up of hands on a keyboard and blogger; hobbies to make money
photo: Pixabay

To live a healthy, happy and balanced life we recommend finding a hobby for each of the above categories.

Many hobbies that you currently enjoy may fit into several or all of the categories above already!

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