December Hobbies (Awesome Activities for the Holiday Season)

Check out our full list of December hobbies and activities for the colder months.

Prepare for the holidays, spend time with family and explore your interests!

Bake & Decorate Cookies

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies is a fun and engaging activity that only comes around one month a year.

Cookie decorating is the perfect December hobby to get you and the family into the holiday spirit in a creative and yummy way.

Design different holiday themed shapes and go wild with various colors, sprinkles and more!

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photo: Anshu A


Knitting is the perfect December hobby for people who love to stay cozy indoors and complete creative works with their hands.

Knit some last minute gifts for loved ones and keep them warm with hats, socks, scarves and mittens with a homemade loving touch!

Get started with Annies Hook & Needle Kit Club subscription for all the yarn and patterns you may need, direct to your door.

photo: Giulia Bertelli


Just because the snow is piling up doesn’t mean the outdoors are off limits!

Strap on some snowshoes and head to your favorite park to take advantage of all that winter has to offer!

Snowshoeing is a fun December hobby for the whole family to get out there and stay active during the colder months.

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photo: Ali Kazal

Video Games

The cold weather is the perfect excuse to settle in and play your favorite video game!

Head over to to see the latest game offerings, devices and game passes.

Check out our full article on video games for tips, resources and information to learn the basics.

photo: Sam Pak


Christmas is coming soon! Get out there and finish up your holiday shopping and check off everyone on your list.

You’ve got time, don’t stress and remind yourself that shopping is a fun activity!

The holiday season can be stressful and the pressures of the season can be tough to cope with. Remember to take things slow and try to enjoy the shopping, the family gatherings and the changing of the seasons.

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photo: Heidi Fin


Sledding is a classic December hobby and activity fun for kids and brave adults. Grab a toboggan, inner tube or classic plastic saucer and head to the biggest hill in town!

Watch out for other sledders and bring your energy to walk back up the hill time and time again.

Be sure to have some hot chocolate at the ready when you get home!

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photo: Alex Ramon

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