February Hobbies (The Best Activities for Mid-Winter)

Check out a few great ideas for hobbies and activities to do February. Trying something new in the winter is a great way to keep things fresh!

Start a New Hobby with Your Partner

Celebrate Valentine’s Day all month long and spend more time with your partner. Finding a hobby that you both enjoy can be tricky but it never hurts to try new things.

Try a cooking class, pottery painting or going to community theatre shows!

Talk with your partner and ask them if there is anything they have been meaning to try and keep an open mind!

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Celebrate Black History Month

National Museum of African American History and Culture, 1400 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC

Celebrating Black History Month is a great opportunity to appreciate the culture, arts and history of African Americans.

You might consider attending concerts, exhibitions or performances by African American artists, such as musicians, dancers, or visual artists.

These type of events are happening aplenty throughout the month of February!

You could also visit museums or galleries that showcase African American art and history, or attend events that celebrate African American cultural traditions, such as film festivals or poetry readings.

Supporting African American artists and cultural organizations and events is a great way to celebrate February and Black History Month.


February is a great time to get crafty and enjoy some indoor activities. Whether you’re knitting a cozy sweater or sewing a new dress, crafting is a great way to pass the time on cold or rainy days.

February 3rd is the official half-way point of winter and there is no better time to settle into your indoor crafting activities.

If you are feeling especially inspired and business savvy, consider setting up an Etsy store to sell your beautiful, crafty creations.

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Don’t lose focus on your new year’s resolutions!

If you’ve wavered from your ambitious exercise goals from the new year, February can be a great time to reevaluate and get re-inspired.

Many of us become more sedentary in the cold winter months. Keep yourself moving at the fitness center, yoga studio or rock climbing gym.

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Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a great hobby for spending time outdoors and enjoying nature in the month of February.

Ice fishing can be a challenging and rewarding hobby, as it requires patience, skill, and strategy to successfully catch fish through the ice.

Many people find ice fishing to be a relaxing and meditative activity, as it allows them to spend time in nature and focus on the present moment.

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